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Blue calcite is a gentle precious stone that is rare to come by. For a large part, it is found only in Central America and South Africa. Due to its rarity, the stone has some potentially high and precious values. Its values and sum total benefits are not limited to the physical realm alone.

The precious stone also does confer some spiritual or metaphysical benefits to its users. It is definitely in our best interest to identify and explain a couple of these benefits for you. The discussions below shall highlight them and then go ahead to explain how relevant they may be to your spiritual growth and well-being.

There are many great benefits to blue calcite including helping to clear negative energy, helping frayed nerves, empowering psychic abilities, reducing negative emotions, stabalize blood pressure, promotes physical healing energy, emotional healing from emotional trauma, calm communication and can help balance the third eye chakra along with many more benefits making it an ideal stone to use in your practices.

In this article I will go over some of the best and most interesting benefits I have found with blue calcite healing crystals.


Soothes and calms the body

This stone does soothe and calm the body in exceeding ways. Thanks to this arrangement, it does bring along some mental protection to the people who use it. If you suffer frequent mental breakdowns, you may want to get hold of it and administer it to your needs.

Eases the spiritual communications

It is impossible for you to communicate within the spiritual dimensions effectively without the passages and the faculties involved being properly attuned. Talking about that, this blue precious metal is properly optimized for that end. It particularly clears your throat chakra to enable simplified communications.

Strengthens the dream life of the users

Have issues with your dream life? Yet again, you have the blue calcite to look up to. Its top curative properties have been by and large noted to strengthen the dream lives of people considerably. The substance provides improved vividness and visual clarity of the dreams that ultimately leads to better understanding.

Stimulate the creative energies

Closely related to the above is the fact that the mineral stimulates the creative energies of those who choose to work with it. In light of this, it bolsters the creativity and the imaginations that lead to better spiritual expressions. Many who have used it have noted improved ability to translate thoughts into reality.

Refreshes and relaxes the mind

As hinted earlier, the blue calcite does possess excellent soothing and relaxing effects. On account of this, it inflicts in its users the benefits of a purer state of mind. Particularly, it empowers the mind to wander freely and explore all that may be available in the spiritual or soulish realms.

Combats anxiety and depression

Do you occasionally suffer from anxiety and depression? You have the blue calcite for your use and ultimate engagement. The soothing and relaxing effects of the precious metal have jointly been noted to combat these twin mental issues with an exceptionally high degree of precision and capability.

Streamlines the thought-feeling communications

Many a time, the flow of information back and forth the thoughts and the feelings is compromised in such a manner as to impede the proper communication that is necessary. Yet again, this wonderful gem has been noted to streamline the flow of information along this channel to yield better outcomes.

Keeps you in good shape, tune, and balance

In the course of handling your everyday chores, you are naturally bound to lose your shape, tune and balance. That is due to a number of factors like experiencing too much energy, excess negative vibrations, and stressful situations. This gem is able to absorb extra energy and dampen the negative vibrations to keep you well-tuned.

Use Blue Calcite to Help Speed up the recovery processes

If you have sustained wounds, you will discover that recovering from them is never really easy. Even with the latest medication, the duration taken to recover may usually be too long. Pick and administer this blue gem and watch as your wounds take a shorter duration of time to heal.

Aids your memories considerably

Studying and being at the very top of the class requires excellent sharp memory. You can never rely on your natural memory capabilities alone. This stone has the inherent ability to up the memories of the users and keeps them ahead of the game considerably. It has helped numerous students retain their lessons.

Arouses a fairer degree of optimism

From time to time, the circumstances of life could be such that we just have to worry. These could come up due to the death of loved ones, loss of a job, prolonged periods of distress, and one disappointment after another disappointment. By meditating with this stone, it is possible to overcome these challenges easily.

Properties of Blue Calcite Helps Improve your spiritual visual clarity

For you to discern issues well, your spiritual faculties have to be properly attuned and polished. This wonderful gem has been noted to greatly improve your spiritual clarity. In doing that, it enables you to perceive and make meaning of what may ordinarily be too opaque, illegible, or inexplicable.

Bolsters the health and the wellbeing of the bodily faculties

Proper spiritual performance and wellbeing are synonymous with bodily wellbeing. It is never really possible to achieve one without the other. This precious mineral has yet again been noted to play a significant role in the healing and health of the immune systems and the lungs. In this manner, it enhances the proper wellbeing of both the body and the spirit.

Creates a protective aura around you

Wearing blue calcite can create a protective aura around and about your affairs. It has the ability to guard against the theft and pilferage of your merchandise, protect you from accidents and other uncalled-for situations. Get hold of it if you happen to suffer many spates of thefts from time to time.

Blue Calcite Can Help Balance The Throat Chakra

The amazing spiritual and healing properties of blue calcite allow it to really help balance your throat chakra and I would recommend giving it a try if you feel like your throat chakra is out of alignment.


There you have them! The Blue calcite is indeed loaded with plenty of potential metaphysical benefits. These benefits stretch beyond the physical through to the spiritual realm. It is a kind of mineral you desperately want to get hold of if you want to stay in good shape.

For this mineral to yield forth the necessary ends, it has to be used alongside many other vital ingredients. We hence advise that before you embark on any exercise, take the time to find out the other substances that that circumstance may require. That may call for expert assistance.

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