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10 Day Self Discipline Challenge

Cultivate A Powerful Foundation of Self Discipline In Just 10 Days

Step #1

Developing Self Discipline Is NOT As Hard As You Have Been Lead to Believe

I know you are probably thinking that I must be full of it when I say that gaining self discipline isn’t difficult – well you are right and wrong. It isn’t difficult but allowing yourself to start with small steps is where most of us fail.

We think we need to hit things hard and fast using willpower to get us through. You can do this, however you need to develop the muscle of self discipline to get lasting results. Willpower only works while you are motivated – discipline works all the time.

Step #2

Build Your Self Discipline Muscle

Building your self discipline is actually really similar to going to the gym. You start off lifting weights that are flat out EMBARASSING and then moving on to heavier and heavier weights until one day you are lifting weights you never could have before.

Exactly the same goes for discipline, through regular training and small steps we build upon our foundation until one day we find ourselves pushing through difficult tasks, workouts or projects with ease.

“This Sucks But I’ll Do It Anyway”

The first time you say this to yourself without thinking is amazing. You realize that finally you are developing discipline and you barely even realized it.

Step #3

Small Steps That Generate Massive Results

I have put together a 10 day self discipline challenge where you will have to take on small challenges everyday that will boost your confidence and self discipline. The idea behind these challenges is to show you how you can incorporate small disciplines and challenges in your everyday life that will become the foundation for building the disciplines you need to create the life you dream of.

After 10 days I want you to be able to confidently set your own discipline challenges that will help you reach your goals and empower you everyday. Some of these challenges may seem silly and pointless or just painful for no reason but that is the point – getting yourself to do something you don’t want to do.

These challenges will not be fear or social based so do not feel anxious about what the challenges may be, I will also never ask you to do anything I don’t do myself.

Step #4

Here's How It Works

Once you signup using the form below you will immediately get your first challenge.

You will receive a new challenge every 24 hours and the idea is that you implement each new habit into your day so by the end of the 10 days you’ll be performing 10 small challenges per day that can build your self-discipline incredibly fast when done consistently.

A big part of starting any change in your life is to have someone keep you accountable. That will be me. Everyday when you receive a new challenge I’ll ask you how you went the day before. You will also be able to ask me questions if you are unsure or need help with something.

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