Benefits of Meditation in Everyday Life

Meditation is something that we I have heard about in almost every podcast or article I have listened to about what successful people do each day.

Even though I heard it a million times, it never fully clicked in my head how good those benefits actually are.

At first I started trying to do just 10 minutes a day and failed miserably.

One day I randomly got the urge to really give it a go, and for an insane amount of time each day.

I chose to do 2 hours every single morning the moment I got out of bed.

Then I would walk into my walk-in wardrobe which is cool and dark.

I sit down on my stylish little meditation chair and start getting ready for my meditation session. Drinking water is important before long sessions and you want to make sure to top yourself up as you go if needed.

For the absolute shit storm that my mind was about to create for itself, it couldn’t comprehend why or how we would make it through 2 hours.

Sure enough 10, 20, 30 minutes passed and I started feeling differently, my mind was slowing down and at the 45 minute mark I was in “the zone”.

I felt completely at ease and calm, my mind stopped wandering and it gave up on trying to cause mayhem in my mind.

Before I knew it another 45 minutes had passed and then I started getting agitated and figity.

The bliss was over.

I was back in chaos and my mind was trying everything to get me to escape the boredem.

But I didn’t let it. I just sat there and sure enough within a few more minutes it calmed down again.

That was an odd experience as I wouldn’t have thought that after 45 minutes of bliss and calm that it descend into the madness again but that’s just the way it goes, once the session ends I blow out my lavender meditation candle and go about my day.

I have been doing this for 2 weeks now and I am feeling great.

My emotional reactions to things has been dulled down a bit, when I get a stressful client call or email I don’t react anywhere near as bad anymore.

Things are starting to feel a little more effortless than once before but I will have to wait and see what it’s like 3 months from now to really describe the whole experience.

Until then, keep trying to sit with the chaos and see where it leads you.

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