Top 12 Benefits of Meditating for Just 5 Minutes per Day


If there’s one thing that’s common to us humans, it’s the overwhelming desire to find happiness and contentment out of life. Be it a crying child, a responsible family person, or a teenager battling insecurities, we all look for that one thing that offers us comfort.

Trinlay Rinpoche, scholar, and meditator, once said real happiness comes to us when we have clarity of thought. The pleasures of life are only enjoyable when we are happy within.

Buddha also once stated that meditation programs the mind not to dwell on the past or the future. It helps the mind focus on now and lets us see the beauty around us presently. Here are other benefits of meditating for just 5 minutes each day.

1. Meditation lowers stress levels

Ever feel like you are carrying all the troubles of the world? Try meditation. It’s effective at reducing the body’s anxiety and stress. A study has found that practicing Zen-type meditation and mindfulness significantly lower stress when you exercise for more than three months.

Another similar study also concluded that mediation could shrink the brain tissue associated with worrying and anxiety. Therefore, if you wish to lower your stress levels, meditation is what you need.

2. Meditation improves your well-being

Looking to fill you with life and happiness? Regular mindful meditation can increase the body’s psychological function. In the process, mediation enhances the body’s sense of well-being. Tai Chi and yoga have also been found to cause the same effect – based on studies, they have immense therapeutic benefits and improve quality of life.

The benefits of meditating come in small doses, but over time, the cause what is known as the compounding effect. Essentially, when you meditate for a long time, the benefits add up and create significant results.

3. Meditation increases a sense of empathy and connectedness

Are you feeling somewhat detached from the world around you? Try some compassion meditation. Metta meditation is a compassion meditation technique that helps to enhance the areas of the brain responsible for empathy and mental processing. This type of mediation improves your sense of social connectedness. If you not a fan of hugging, you might just become one after some Metta meditation.

4. Meditation improves focus

How about making a razor edge focus part of your life? Research data shows that meditation can help to improve your cognitive capacity. It can also enhance your ability to implement tasks that need focus.

A study investigated several different kinds of mediations, including Vipassana, Transcendental meditation, Tibetan Buddhist meditation, Hindu meditation, and Sufi meditation. The researchers found that all these types of meditation improve focus at differing degrees. Coffee used to be the go-to beverage to help improve concentration, but many people are turning to meditation.

5. Mediation builds relationships

Looking to improve the quality of your relationship? Meditation has been found to improve how you relate with others around you. How? It enhances a person’s ability to empathize with others and hones the ability to pick up cues that show how another person is feeling. Besides, mediation increases emotional stability, which makes you less likely to be influenced by negative thoughts.

6. Mediation improves creativity

Ever wonder how you could get a little more inspiration? Meditate! Meditation can enhance your creativity based on several studies. This explains why creatives such as David Lynch, Yoko Ono as well as Marina Abramovic made meditation part of their daily routine.

7. Meditation improves memory

Want to become the next memory champion? Alternatively, do you want to be able to remember the door attendant’s name each time you walk into your building? Meditation is the way to go.

Research data shows that mediation can improve the mind’s ability to remember things, store information, or consolidate new data.

8. Mediation improves decision-making skills

There’s one reason why high-powered execs meditate to make themselves better at what they do. Studies show that transcendental meditation and mindfulness meditation help individuals make informed choices by improving the working of the brain’s decision-making areas. If you wish to cultivate your inner boss, meditation is worth a shot.

9. Meditation improves cardiovascular health

Concerning the health benefits that meditation has to offer, cardiovascular health features at the top the list. Research has shown that Transcendental meditation reduced the risk of death, stroke and heart attack among African Americans with a pre-existing heart issue – a group with the highest risk of an adverse outcome.

Based on data from this study, this group can cut down its risk by more than 50 percent. Mediation can also lower the systolic blood pressure compared to those who have only received health education but have not tried meditation. So, give your ticker some more life and good health through five minutes of meditation each day.

10. Meditation Improves Quality of Sleep

Want to sleep better at night? A few minutes of meditation will get you to sleep like a baby. When you can seem to get good sleep at night, it means your circadian rhythm is disharmonious. The rhythm instructs your body when it should go to sleep or when to be up based on our 24-hour cycle.

Modern technology with all the devices and lights has caused our natural rhythm to be distorted, so even when you wish to sleep, you cannot. With mediation, the body achieves sufficient rest, and the circadian rhythm resets back to normal. Feeling too busy to make it part of your routine? Think again!

11. Mediation lower Anxiety levels

Although there are many home-based remedies to help you find inner peace, meditation is especially helpful. People suffering from anxiety disorders who try mindfulness mediation show tremendous decline is their stress hormones when exposed to a stressful scenario.

Mindfulness is all about focusing on the present, rather than worrying about the past of the future. Therefore, meditating a few minutes every day will help you cope better with stress.

12. Meditation helps you develop enhanced coping skills

Patience is essential is you want a calm life. Some people are quite adept at being patient than others. This is especially true when it comes to life-changing choices. Those who practice mindfulness an adverse tend to be better at coping with wait and see stresses. They are also very likely to take on an optimistic view of life in everything they do. Want to be upbeat and happy in life? Meditate.

Meditation FAQs

How Should I begin a Period of Meditation Practice?

First, settle yourself. Then, call to mind all your intentions and aspirations – perhaps to steady and calm yourself so that you can find the balance you need to live peacefully. Allow your heart and sincerity to be the drive that directs what unfolds.

For how long should I sit every day?

Deciding in advance how long you plan to sit will help you achieve your meditation goals. For most people, a reasonable period is between 5 and 45 minutes. If you continue sitting every day, you will benefit from the compounding effect of meditation. All those little benefits you enjoy every day will pile up into radical benefits.

If you have just started, experiment with different time lengths. You could start with only five minutes every day, and then gradually begin doing it for longer until you get to a period you can commit to comfortably.

Does it matter when I sit?

Set aside some time and sit every day. Intentionally dedicating time to meditate requires a bit of sacrifice on your part. Morning is usually the best time because you get to set a tone for the rest of the day.

Nevertheless, the best time for meditating is that which you can genuinely commit to regularly. Some people prefer two to three short sessions, one in the morning and the other in the evening.

Wrap Up

Want to loosen up or get some quiet in your life? Set aside time in your schedule to meditate. As we have stated in this guide, meditating has immense health benefits. Just 5 minutes each day can help you improve your quality of life. Of course if you can do it for longer, the better. Find a quiet spot, and channel your inner energy towards improving your overall well-being.

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