Meditation Candles That Boost Your Meditation Practice

You meditate because you want to help clear your mind and increase focus. Something you can do to help this process is lighting a candle with specific smells to help you relax and get into a zen state of mind.

These types of candles are called incense and are something I use regularly when meditating because it really helps me get into the correct headspace so that my sessions are incredible consistently.

Another way you might want to use a candle to meditate is simply by lighting a regular candle and focusing on the flame.

Some people find this a lot easier and better to train their focus as the flame constantly moves and helps put you in an almost trance like state which is perfect for meditating and helping to clear your head of all the unwanted nonsense inside.

Here are the various articles I have written on incense candles that I use in my practice everyday.

Articles About Meditation Candles:

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