Best Meditation Supplies That Will Improve Your Practice


Whenever I start a new habit or routine I love to get fully immersed in that activity which is why when I first started meditating I really got into all the different meditation accessories and supplies for my home to really make it an amazing zen experience.

While it is absolutely not necessary to get all of these products for your meditation practice, they will definitely help you get more out of it.

One of the best things I found was that by using different things it actually got my brain into the right headspace to start meditating and made it quicker to get into the zen zone (not sure if that’s actually a real term but I like it lol).

women wearing comfortable meditation clothes

Meditation Clothing

An important part of meditating is making sure that you are completely comfortable and relaxed. Your clothing can really determine whether you have a great session as you want to make sure you are not restricting the blood flow which might happen if you are wearing tight clothing such as denim.

We have done a full write up of our favorite meditation clothing that will help you take your meditation practice to the next level.

Meditation Candles

Another important way to help your mind and body relax is by using all of your senses. Incense candles for meditation are a great way of helping to relax especially if you have had a stressful day or something is bothering you.

Certain smells can really relax you such as lavender or even citrus smells like lemon or orange.


Meditation Cushions

For the ultimate comfort we recommend using both a Zafu and Zabuton when meditating as they work very well together and will help ensure your posture stays correct in positions like the lotus position.

If you are not quite sure which type of cushion best suits you read our reviews on various meditation cushions here and that should help you decide. If you have to choose only one then I would go for a Zafu personally.

Meditation Benches, Stools & Chairs

If you aren’t a huge fan of using cushions or pillows then a meditation stool may be perfect for you. One of these stools allows you to sit with great posture while tucking your legs underneath which helps make sure you don’t cut the blood flow off on your legs which regularly happens when sitting cross-legged.

There are quite a few different kinds of benches or stools to choose from and we have written about them quite extensively on this website.

Meditation Headphones

If you prefer listening to music while meditating instead of enjoying the sound of nature or silence we would highly recommend you get some great headphones for meditation as you want to have a really nice sound that works in proper stereo to really recreate those ambient nature sounds that you want to listen to.

Cheap headphones can do in a pinch but are really not ideal long term as you want to make your meditation sessions as incredible as possible.

Singing Bowl Meditation

If you want to try something new, singing bowls are a great thing to try as they can really add to your meditation experience and they are so incredibly calming you will feel like a million dollars afterwards.

You can get singing bowls for meditation in all different shapes and sizes (well they are still bowls but you know what I mean..). Try it out for yourself and let us know how it goes.

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