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9 Wonderful Incense for Which God


Incense has been used for thousands of years in religious ceremonies and for spiritual practice. It is believed to have cleansing properties, as well as to help connect people with the divine. With so many scents to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which incense is best for your spiritual practice. Here’s 9 wonderful incense for which god to help you get started.

Here’s 9 Wonderful Incense for Which God

Frankincense & Myrrh

Frankincense and myrrh are two of the oldest and most popular incenses used in religious ceremonies. Both have a strong and sweet scent, and are believed to help bring clarity and focus to the mind. They are often burned together in a blend, but can also be used alone.

Sandalwood Incense

Sandalwood is a woody, earthy scent that is said to help open the heart chakra and bring peace and calmness. It is often used in meditation and prayer, and is believed to help deepen your spiritual connection with God.


Cedarwood has a warm, woodsy scent that is said to balance emotions and bring harmony. It is believed to help enhance intuition and self-awareness, as well as aid in connecting with the divine.

Palo Santo Incense

Palo santo is a sweet, citrusy scent that is said to bring good luck, purify the energy of a space, and clear negative energy. It is often used in practice of gratitude and thanksgiving, as it helps open one up to receive blessings from God.

White Sage Incense

White sage has a herbaceous smell that is said to cleanse the air and help clear negative energy. It is often used in spiritual practices and prayer, as it helps to deepen the connection with God.

Mugwort Incense

Mugwort has a sweet, earthy scent that is said to bring peace and harmony. It is believed to protect against negative energies and help bring clarity to the mind. It is often used for healing rituals or when seeking guidance from God.

Juniper Incense

Juniper has a sharp, pine-like scent that is said to purify the energy of a space and promote cleansing rituals. It can be used to invite creativity into your practice, as well as helping deepen one’s connection with God.

Dragon’s Blood

Dragon’s blood has a spicy, sweet scent that is said to protect against negative energies, bring strength and courage, and promote healing rituals. It can be used in prayer or spiritual practice to help bridge the gap between the material world and divine realm.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know when it’s time to burn incense?

Burning incense can be done at any time that feels right for you. It can be done during meditation or prayer sessions, or whenever you feel like it would be beneficial for your spiritual practice.

Can incense be used for protection?

Yes. Incense can be used for protection against negative energies or invasions of privacy. Certain scents such as frankincense, sandalwood, cedarwood, dragon’s blood, juniper, or white sage are all believed to provide protection against negative energies or chaos.

What are some benefits of burning incense?

There are many benefits of burning incense including purifying energy, clearing out negative energies, promoting healing rituals, deepening connections with God/the divine realm, enhancing intuition and self-awareness, balancing emotions and bringing harmony into one’s life.

Can I use any type of incense?

You can use any type of incense that appeals to you; however some scents are more beneficial than others depending on what you’re looking for in terms of spiritual connection or protection from negative energies.


Incense has been used in spiritual practice for centuries; each scent offering its own unique benefits depending on what you desire from your practice. From Frankincense & Myrrh to Dragon’s Blood these 9 wonderful incenses will help bring clarity, peace and focus into your spiritual practice.