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Black Onyx Metaphysical Properties And Meaning

What Is Black Onyx?

Black Onyx is a naturally occurring crystal associated with mystic powers. Although the crystal comes in different solid colors such as black, brown, red, and orange, it has distinct bright color strands when sliced. Carrying or wearing the Black Onyx can protect you from auras and negative energies, improve your self control, self confidence, connect you with your physical and emotional body while keeping you grounded to the earth.

Some people also experience the power of the third eye chakra and get insights into their past life.

Black Onyx Composition

The stone is made of silicon dioxide with carbon and iron

Where Is Black Onyx Found

The crystal is found in Mexico, Brazil, Madagascar, India, Argentina, Australia, South Africa, and the United States. Unfortunately, many fake stones are circulating the market, which has reduced the value of the stones. Still, if you find the original gems from these regions, you would benefit from their mystic powers.

Black Onyx Colors and Appearance

Black Onyx comes in different colors, such as brown, red and yellow, but the black gem is the most dominant crystal. Sometimes it is called finger-stone, as it resembles the human finger, legend says that the Goddess Venus honored the Black Onyx when her nails were cut.

Black Onyx Zodiac Sign

The crystal is associated with the Capricorn astrological sign

Black Onyx Hardness

The stone has a numerical vibration of 6, and it is a hardy crystal with 6.6 to 7 hardness.

Black Onyx Chemical Formula

Black Onyx’s chemical formula is SiO2

Black Onyx Is a Stone Which Has Synergies With;

Black Onyx can activate, cleanse and balance your chakras. You should lie down and place the Black Onyx crystal on the pubic bone or between your feet before starting the earthstar chakra ritual, which cleans your mind releasing all the negative thoughts.

Which Chakras Does Black Onyx Help Balance

Black Onyx balances your aura and release bad energy while promoting positivity, and it is effective for your mental well-being. It can empower your soul and free it from the darkness, and the stone could help you overcome your phobias and fears. It has been a significant symbol for the Native Americans and Peruvians, attributed to their culture.

Black Onyx Meaning

Black Onyx is a stone that helps bring the most authentic reflection of your soul by filtering the shallow perception from the people around you. It protects you from dark auras and cultivates positivity. The crystal acts as a spiritual guide on your journey and can bring light during dark times.

5 Powerful Metaphysical Properties of Black Onyx

Fights negative energy

The black onyx fights negative auras from the environment and promotes mental positivity. It can help you learn how to rely on yourself, as it promotes mental and spiritual wellness. It could help you overcome your fears and phobias and cultivate courage.

It amplifies your intentions

The stone can amplify your intentions as it reduces negativity and promotes positive mental well-being. You will follow your instincts and intuitions when making decisions that help develop your character. Moreover, you will be more emphatic and caring towards other people due to the positivity cultivated by this crystal

Assists in Grounding and Has Mental Healing Properties

You would develop sound principles using the stone, which promotes grounding. Grounding promotes better decision-making and guides you through life challenges. Moreover, it promotes a good relationship with loved ones; for instance, the black and white colors on the crystal symbolizes a harmonious relationship between loved ones.

Allows you to face your shadow courageously

By using the stone, you can learn lessons from old habits and release traumas haunting you. It becomes easy to face your shadow with courage as it enhances protection from evil energies.

Where to Buy Black Onyx Stones / Healing Crystals

You should be aware of counterfeit, black onyx in the market; thus, it could be wise to buy the crystals from trusted vendors. It is better to buy the stone from your local store where you get other mystical stones. However, if you decide to buy the Black Onyx from online vendors, you should check their reviews to find genuine stones.

Final Thoughts

Black onyx is a mystical stone that can protect you from negative energies, and it is wise to use it to clean your mind and spirit. It promotes positive energy, making you rely on yourself when making critical life decisions. You could use it to get chakras that promote positivity and healing. Moreover, it can amplify your intentions and encourage better relationships with your loved ones.

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