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Dragon’s Blood Candle Benefits

Dragon’s Blood is intriguing for various reasons, one being that it actually appears like ‘Dragon’s Blood.’ This resin was identified for its red coloring, which boils red and bubbles resembling Blood when burned or used as a fragrance.

A popular myth followed that Dragon’s Blood originally emanated from the Blood of dragons and elephants who had died during war. Well, since the dragon’s Blood is not the actual Blood of a dragon, what is it?

What Exactly Is Dragon’s Blood?

Dragon’s Blood is a naturally occurring plant resin. It is dark-red in color, which contributes to the label ‘dragon’s blood.’

The resin is derived from a variety of tropical tree species known as dragon trees. These might include Daemonorops, Croton, Dracaena, or Pterocarpus plants. For countless generations, this plant resin has been utilized for a variety of purposes.

It was used by the ancient Romans and Greeks, as well as in China, the Middle East, and India.

What Does Dragon’s Blood Scent Smell Like?

When burned, the resin emits an amber-like scent. It is, nonetheless, much less sweet-smelling, with a mix of earthy and spicy notes. This fragrance is also found in incense cones, sticks, and resin for a variety of applications. Because of its pleasant texture, you can utilize it to disguise unpleasant odors such as cigarette smoke or even pet odors.

It is frequently blended with aromatic compounds such as essential oils of clove, cedarwood, patchouli, and orange. Dragon’s Blood has recently gained popularity as a fragrance for incense and other body care goods and candles.

The natural fragrance of this herbal compound combined with incense can be quite cleansing, making it ideal for meditation, enhancing focus, relaxation, yoga, purifying the air, and ritualistic ceremonies.

It emits a vibrant exotic fragrance that is ideal for relieving tension.

What Are The Uses Of Dragons Blood Candles?

In the past, excerpts from the daemonorops draco were used by some cultures for strength, folk magic, and defense.

Try using Dragon’s Blood resin in conjunction with chemical-free charcoal. Also, you can combine this scent with products containing palo santo essence. This combination may have properties that aid in the removal of foul smells in a room.

Dragons Blood Can Help The Bodys Immune System & Promote Healing

What’s more, people had the belief that the resin of the Dragon blood would help in various areas, including:

Dragons Blood Contains Magickal Properties

Today, the dragon’s Blood has numerous magickal functions. Because of its fragrance, it is used in the making of candles. Pure Dragons Blood resins are incorporated into the wax and poured on top of the amazingly crafted and witch-protected candle.

It is used in devotion, luck, purification, courage, and clearing rituals, in addition to its magical powers for ultimate defense.

When held and scattered around the house, it acts as a strong protector. Sprinkled dragon blood’s resins work effectively to keep you out of the reach of evil and unwanted persons. When ignited, it will also push away negativity and evil, hence the justification and force contained inside this candle.

Furthermore, it is also utilized in shamanism.

Once it gets down to aromatic compounds, dragon’s Blood is relatively popular and contains a wide range of ingredients. It is mainly combined with herbs, natural extracts, and spices to produce fragrances with a subtle earthy note.

Use Dragon’s Blood To Create Fragrant Products

Dragon’s Blood has a fragrance characteristic that can both lift your morale and rejuvenate your spiritual abilities. Another natural supplement that contains it is the Dragon’s Blood Oils. That is, you could use this scent in conjunction with other incense sticks to produce potent aromas for:

Like Many Scented Candles It Can Repel Insects & Bugs

In addition, insects can be repelled by the scent of dragon’s Blood. As a result, anybody residing in a warmer environment would benefit from it.

Related Scents To Combine With Dragons Blood

It’s quite common to burn more that one incense scent at a time and people commonly like to burn one of the following scents with dragons blood:

The Most Popular Scent Combinations Are:

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Where To Buy Dragon’s Blood Incense, Candles and Essential Oil

You can look at your local spa store for dragons blood products however it’s usually much easier to buy them online from somewhere like Amazon.

These are the dragons blood candles I use.

Bottom Line

For decades, dragon’s Blood has been utilized not only for rituals and spells but also as a potent health supplement. Recently, studies are beginning to look at some of its advantages.

Although dragon’s Blood has some promise, bear in mind that it has yet to be proven to heal, manage, or prevent any disease. Make an effort to inform yourself of potential side effects, risks, and interactions.

Nonetheless, using dragon’s Blood as an ointment or supplement to improve your health or help with any of your health problems is probably safe. But generally, adhere to your doctor’s recommended approach first.