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Frankincense Incense Spiritual Benefits

Frankincense incense has been revered as a sacred aroma with wellness and medicinal values since ancient times. Long before the tale of 3 wise men bringing the most precious gifts of frankincense and myrrh, this priceless herb was recognized by ancient civilizations as one of the most sacred aromas with the power to heal and induce a meditative state. Its use goes back to ancient Egypt in the 16th century BC.

Frankincense spiritual benefits continue to be valued in modern times.

Here are 10 spiritual benefits you can enjoy by burning frankincense incense.


Frankincense incense induces a sense of relaxation. As you inhale the aroma it helps prepare you for a meditative experience. It’s easier to achieve deeper states of spiritual meditation when you feel calm and relaxed. Your mind opens up to spiritual possibilities and your focus sharpens. Distractions melt away to open your mind to the spiritual aspect of the self as worries of life are easier to set aside for your meditative time.

Representation of the sacred

Frankincense is heavily tied with sacred connotations. At one time it was more valuable than gold because of its holistic healing powers. Its merit is mentioned more than 50 times in the Bible.

Frankincense has its roots as a highly desired medicine and ritual herb from many cultures and religions. The ancients understood the power of frankincense to prepare them for spiritual journeys. This knowledge has been passed down for centuries and it is still revered for ritual preparations today. It’s a representation of the sacred that prepares us for deeper spiritual experiences. Its use in preparation is a mental trigger that signals we are entering into a sacred place for more fulfilling spiritual endeavors.

Connection with the universe

The historical emphasis on the spiritual value of frankincense connects us with all others that have come before in a spiritual sense as we connect with their energies and the cosmic forces that make us all one. When we understand its historical significance, we follow the ancient practices and rituals that bind us together in a common quest for spiritual enlightenment and well-being.

This interconnectedness opens up new vistas in the spiritual realm in ways that words cannot adequately describe. It is something that must be experienced, and frankincense incense can open the path to this interconnectedness and deeper exposure to the wisdom of the ancients.


Frankincense has the power to allow us to more fully connect to Mother Earth. It has an earthy scent that reminds us that we are natural beings. The spiritual path we are on is connected with nature and the earth. There are great mysteries connected with our natural surroundings and much to be learned from connecting with our source of life and nourishment. Frankincense assists us in strengthening our connection between heaven and earth and body and spirit. We can more readily experience the connections between them more holistically [2].

Mind-Body-Spirit health

Frankincense goes beyond any one benefit. It is a holistic herb that offers holistic wellness that encompasses all aspects of human existence. The resin of Boswellia plants container compounds called alpha-pinene and limonene. These compounds are very real physical elements that enhance the immune function of our physical bodies. They fight off bacteria because of their anti-microbial properties. The neuroprotective properties support the optimal functioning of the brain. This is supported by scientific research. Boswellic acids are strong anti-inflammatory compounds that ease physical pain and suffering. They also promote faster healing of bodily injuries and recovery from illness. They have fewer side effects than NSAIDs, but they are just as effective at easing pin.

For health you can also read about the benefits of dragon’s blood incense as it is another great incense scent to use.

Natural treatment for physical and spiritual wellness

Frankincense is a natural treatment that is highly regarded for people who refuse to use synthetic medications for physical ailments. Spiritual practitioners who experience physical discomfort, illness, or pain have a proven natural treatment for their bodies in frankincense. Those who like to keep it natural as a part of their spiritual belief system can use frankincense to improve the quality of well-being and physical health.

Key ritual enhancement

Frankincense is an ancient ritual tool that can be used as one of the main preparations for spiritual rituals. Burning frankincense incense prepares the environment with a cleansing fragrance that permeates the meditation space. This has a positive effect on the mind and the body as we enter into our sacred spaces. Frankincense has great value for use in ritual preparations for spiritual journeys.

Body preparation for spiritual practice

Spiritual journeys can be enhanced with frankincense by providing a physical cleansing. The aroma of burning frankincense incense permeates your clothing to leave a natural and earthy fragrance on your skin. It’s antiseptic and clean. The state of our bodies can have an impact on our spiritual endeavors at an emotional level. The clean and slightly sweet fragrance of frankincense can take you to an elevated level of physical and emotional preparedness.

Sense of protection

The scent of frankincense can give us a sense of protection when entering spiritual realms. Your knowledge of its ability to protect the body from everything from cancers, anxiety, digestive disorders, respiratory conditions, and much more, give us a sense of physical and spiritual protection. It’s an ancient remedy for almost any known physical issue, and its value to ancient healers was seen as a holistic body and soul medicine that still applies today.


Frankincense incense is a purification tool for spirit mind and body.

Scientific studies have confirmed that burning frankincense incense purifies the air. This is one of its many benefits in churches, synagogues, and other places of spiritual endeavors. Scientists have merely confirmed what the ancients have known through the ages since antiquity. It refines the smell of the environment while providing hygienic functions that reduce contagion with a purifying effect in the air. It’s widely used for purifying and scenting the air in places of worship.


Frankincense incense is a treasure that humans have carried over for physical and spiritual health since the times of antiquity. It is one of the most beneficial sacred aromas known to man. Science has confirmed what ancient spiritual practitioners and healers have known for centuries. It has the ability to enhance your well being and promote physical, emotional, and spiritual health simply by burning a cone of pure incense. We highly recommend the use of frankincense incense in your meditative endeavors.