How Do You Use Essential Oils in a Steam Room?


For centuries, people from across the globe have used essential oils. Each essential oil has different properties that benefit different elements of your physical or emotional wellbeing. There are many ways that you can use the oils, but most people just add them to a diffuser. If you are lucky enough to have a steam room, then this is one place that you can use the essential oils that you may not have considered. Here is an overview of how to use essential oils in a steam room and some suggestions for the oils you should use.

What Are the Benefits of Using Essential Oils in a Steam Room?

Essential oils are used in commercial steam rooms around the world and households with steam showers or saunas because of the benefits of using oils. Some of these include:

  • Depending on the oils you use, a steam shower with essential oils is uplifting, relaxing or energizing.
  • Some essential oils have physical health benefits, and you can reap the benefits using the oils in a steam room.
  • Using essential oils in a steam room will leave a pleasant aroma on your skin.

How to Use Essential Oils in a Steam Room

Before you start using essential oils in your steam room, you must understand how to use them correctly and safely. Here are some tips for creating an aromatherapy steam experience.

  • Some steam systems are intended for use with essential oils and have a built-in pod or carrier. In this case, make sure you follow the instructions carefully to use the oils with the system correctly.
  • If your steam room is not designed for use with essential oils, do not try to do DIY to the system as there are other options.
  • One option if your system is not for use with oils is to put approximately 20 drops of your chosen essential oil on a facecloth or cotton ball, then place this on the floor of the steam room.
  • Turn on your steam room for a few minutes before getting in so that the steam and vapors from the oil combine.
  • While you are in the steam room, you should inhale deeply and breathe slowly to get the most benefits from your aromatherapy steam room experience.
  • Many essential oils are powerful, so you should not spend more than 15 minutes sitting in the steam room.
  • To enhance your time in the steam room and create an overall sensory experience, you can try using atmospheric lighting and playing low and calming music.

Suggestions for Essential Oils to Use in a Steam Room

There are many essential oils that you can use in a steam room. To get you started, the following are some of the best options.

Chamomile oil

This oil is used primarily for relaxation as it is a muscle relaxant, and it aids sleep. Chamomile oil can also reduce soreness.

Clary sage oil

If you are feeling low, you will benefit from the uplifting properties of clary sage oil. It can also reduce soreness and menstrual cramps.

Eucalyptus oil

Some of the many benefits of using eucalyptus oil include reducing headaches, decreasing fatigue, boosting your immune system, opening your sinuses, relaxing your muscles, and reducing general aches and pains.

Jasmine oil

There are multiple uses for jasmine oil. Not only is it great for reducing stress, anxiety, and depression, but it is also an excellent choice for treating dry skin, helping with fatigue, and using it as an antiseptic.

Lavender oil

One of the most popular scents is lavender oil, and this is fantastic for relaxation. It is ideal for those who are having trouble sleeping.

Lemon oil

If you need to improve your concentration or boost your energy levels, then lemon oil is one of the best options. This oil also removes toxins from the body, treats acne, and speeds up your metabolism.

Peppermint oil

A fantastic option for depression is peppermint oil. This oil also reduces stress, increases concentration, improves congestion, and relieves indigestion.

Rosemary oil

Some of the benefits of using rosemary oil in your steam room are that it treats constipation, reduces indigestion, improves circulation, and removes toxins from the body.

Furthermore, some studies suggest it improves memory.

Tea tree oil

One of the best problems for treating acne or reducing skin blemishes is tea tree oil, which also has antiseptic properties.

Ylang-ylang oil

Often, ylang-ylang oil is used to treat insomnia as it relieves muscular tension and relaxes the body. This oil is also good for reducing anxiety, stress, and depression.

The Final Verdict

You can use essential oils in the steam room to enjoy the benefits of your physical and emotional wellbeing while also having an enjoyable experience that gives your skin a fantastic aroma. It is essential only to put the essential oil into the steam system if the system is intended for use in this way. Otherwise, you should add the oil to a facecloth or cotton ball. Choosing the right essential oil is vital as they each have different properties.

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