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Larimar Metaphysical Properties And Meaning

Crystal stones have healing properties, and they can help create a balance in your life. You can enjoy the Larimar metaphysical properties when you use the stone for healing chakras. The bluish stone is associated with new age-rebirth and can help balance your chakras. Read on to learn more about the Larimar healing properties.

What Is Larimar

Larimar is a rare gemstone made of volcanic rocks and is so rare that it is found in only one part of the world. A Larimar gemstone is a form of Pectolite stone with unique blue and white color shades of the sky and the ocean. It is believed that the stone is a remnant of the sunken Atlantis and has many healing attributes.

Larimar Composition

The stone is a pectolite with an acid silicate hydrate of calcium and sodium—the blue color results from the copper substitution for calcium in the crystal.

Where Is Larimar Found

Although other forms of pectolite rocks are found in every part of the globe, Larimar is found in Baoruco in the Dominican Republic.

Larimar Colors and Appearance

Larimar mirrors the bluish whitish color of the ocean and the sky, and no two stones are alike. Each stone is beautiful by itself and has white, light-blue to deep-blue, and translucent to dark colors. The color patterns differ from one rock to another, and its beauty is the beholder. When picking the Larimar stone, the one delivered to you is the right and the best for you.

Larimar has a vitreous to silky luster, and its crystals are circular, globular masses and crystals acicular. The stone has a refractive index of 1.595 to 1.645 and is luminescent.

Larimar Zodiac Sign

Larimar is associated with the Leo zodiac sign.

Larimar Hardness

The Larimar has 4.5 -5 hardness, and compact material can reach 6.

Larimar Chemical Formula

Larimar is a pectolite stone with the chemical formula NaCa2Si3O8 (OH)

Larimar Is a Stone Which Has Synergies With

Larimar is enlightening and can heal your physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being. It can stimulate your vital organs like the third eye, heart, throat and crown chakras, and it facilitates inner and outer wisdom manifestation. The stone represents peace, healing, love, and clarity and might be the best remedy for people who are undergoing stress. The stone might help you if you have phobias, stress-related imbalances, excessive anger, and panic attacks. It clears deep emotional patterns and can help you reconnect to the natural state of playfulness seen in children.

Which Chakras Does Larimar Help Balance

It has healing and balancing energy

Larimar opens the way for clear communication and the ability to speak openly about your feelings. The throat chakra allows you to express the energy from other chakras when blocked or out of its balance. The energy from the stone can help you freely inherently express yourself.

It promotes spiritual healing

The stone is associated with the goddess of the sea and the sky, and it can help women re-attune femininity and restore their connection with nature. The stone can purge entities from your environment, bringing serenity and love into your world.

Larimar Meaning

The Larimar is an embodiment of the sky and sea energies with calming turquoise white patterns associated with the sunlight dancing beneath the Caribbean water.

4 Powerful Metaphysical Properties of Larimar

It is a stress reliever

The stone is helpful for phobia, panic attacks, stress imbalances, and excessive anger and fear. It may break down your heart defenses and reduce emotional stress.

The stone can help you build a different perspective

Larimar softens and enlightens your emotional, physical, and mental energy. It may stimulate the heart, third eye, and chakras which facilitate wisdom.

Larimar helps with relaxation

The Larimar soothes your emotional body and releases undesirable attachments, and relieves stress. The stone may cool your tempers and offer excess passion and peace into your life.

It is a rebirth stone

The Larimar is the new-age birthstone due to the bluish coloration. The blue crystal can bring peace and respect and can be an energy stone at a time of rebirth.

Where to Buy Larimar Stones/ Crystals

You can buy the Larimar stone from the local store near you or through trusted online stores such as Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Larimar is a natural stone that can be used for healing and is associated with new-age rebirth. It may bring peace and tranquility into your life, cool your tempers and overcome your phobias. Good luck finding the right Larimar stone, which radiates the healing properties.

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