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9 Lilac Incense Benefits That Will Shock You

Updated: December 31, 2022

Burning lilac incense has many benefits such as lowering anxiety, repelling pests, anti-fungal properties, combats inflammation, improves the bodies immune system, can kill off internal parasites and even improve your sleep.

Lilac, scientific name Syringes, can refer to one of around twenty-five shrub and tree species of the family Oleaceae, known for their powerful, floral fragrance.

The low-maintenance plant is native to Asia’s temperate regions and Eastern Europe, although the most common lilac, Syringes Vulgaris, can be found in temperate regions all over the world.

The lilac plant is identifiable through its deep green leaves, fruits that resemble capsules, and flowers that range in color from purple and lavender to yellow, white, red, and pink. But more impressive than its appearance is the plant’s floral scent that makes it a favorite in the manufacture of incense. In this article, we review my favorite benefits of burning lilac incense.

The Main Benefits of Burning Lilac Incense

Lowers Anxiety Levels

The active ingredients in lilac have been shown to possess potent anti-inflammatory properties. When inhaled, these ingredients can alleviate inflammation in your nerves, allowing your brain to relax and secrete feel-good hormones. This, in turn, leaves you with lower stress and anxiety levels. The resultant calmness can also culminate in a good’s night sleep, lower levels of depression, alleviated pain, and a better general mood.

Controls & Repels Pests

If you are dealing with a mite or tick infestation, lilac incense might be just what you need for a pest-free home.

Mites and ticks can take over your home if you share a living space with many people or travel a lot.

Fortunately, lilac contains powerful chemicals that can be just as effective – or even more – than commercial pesticides in repelling these pests.

If there is something in your home that tends to attract insects and bugs then having the smell of burned lilac incense should get rid of them pretty quickly.

Has Anti-Fungal Properties

Lilac has strong anti-fungal properties that are highly effective in combating fungal infection. Breathing in lilac incense allows the scent, along with these properties, to permeate your system and purge it of any excess fungus that could make you ill. Its presence in the air in your home can also kill fungi that might be present in the air or on surfaces.

Combats Inflammation

When you get injured, or a foreign body is introduced into your bloodstream, it is the body’s natural instinct to undergo inflammation. This often results in swelling, redness, and aches, which can be very uncomfortable. Fortunately, lilac is known to contain a substance that can reduce inflammation. When inhaled, its scent is able to permeate your system, combating inflammation, even those caused by internal sources.

Eliminates intestinal worms and Internal Parasites

The compounds present in the lilac plant are known worldwide to cleanse the body of intestinal worms and internal parasites. When inhaled or applied to the skin, these powerful compounds are able to eliminate all internal parasites present in your body, giving you much-needed relief.

Improves the Body’s Immune System

When lilac is inhaled into your body, it enters your lungs and bloodstream and is able to boost your body’s immune system. This is because, with its antifungal properties, it can protect your gastrointestinal and respiratory system from all fungal and bacterial infections as they are all susceptible to the effects of lilac.

Alleviates Fevers

Lilac incense can treat severe fevers and fasten the recovery process for victims ailing from illnesses and infections by inducing sweating. This is because it has long acted as a febrifuge that, when inhaled, stimulates the emission of toxins from the body, giving your body’s immune system a much-needed break from all infections and illnesses.

Improves the Smell in a Room

When you burn lilac incense, it improves the smell of a room by a wonderful floral aroma and helps to create a sacred space.

This pleasant scent also contains antibacterial properties that assist in cleansing the surfaces and air in the room, making for a cleaner, fresher atmosphere. Because of these properties, lilac is often sought by people interested in passive health treatments, yoga, meditation, and aromatherapy.

Improve Sleep With Lilac Incense

Burning lilac incense before bed can really help you do get better quality sleep and has been known to cause prophetic dreams on occasion.

Good Luck & Good Fortune

Many people swear by burning lilac incense to help improve their luck and fortune. You can also use various manifestation techniques and rituals while using this incense.

Cleansing and Purification

If you are unsure what incense is good for cleansing, I would highly recommend you try burning lilac as it has some amazing purification properties to help clear out all that negative energy in your space.

Other Powerful Benefits of Burning Lilac Incense

  • Love protection
  • Purification & Cleansing of negativity
  • Magickal properites
  • Psychic properties
  • Spiritual awareness and rituals
  • Healing Rituals & Protection
  • Warding off spirits
  • Peace and tranquility
  • Prosperity

Common Scent Combinations

It’s quite common to burn more that one incense scent at a time and people commonly like to burn one of the following scents with lilac:

The main 2 Scent Combinations Are:

Dragon’s Blood

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Nag Champa

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Less common scent combinations


For decades, lilac has been incorporated into cleaning products, cosmetics, and household products like incense sticks. Lilac incense has many benefits that extend beyond bringing a pleasant scent to your home to include improved anxiety levels, reduced inflammation, strengthened immune system, and eliminated parasites.

If you are considering purchasing lilac incense for your home, try incorporating it into your meditation or yoga routine or lighting it before you go to sleep. The sweet-smelling, soothing ambiance will help you get a good night’s sleep and boost your energy levels.