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Top 7 Myrrh Candle Benefits

Myrrh is a red-brown dried resin that originates from a thorny tree known as Commiphora Myrrha that is native to southwest Asia, Middle East and North-Eastern Africa. The essential Myrrh oil is extracted through the steam distillation process and has an earthy scent known for its healing and relaxing properties.

For many decades, myrrh has been used in Ayurveda medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. Furthermore, scientists are carrying out tests to study the immense uses of myrrh products and candles.

Benefits of Burning Myrrh Scented Candles

Myrrh Improves Your General Mood

Myrrh candles are commonly used in aromatherapy and massage due to their relaxation-inducing properties and significant physical and mental health benefits that help the body relax and regenerate. As an aromatherapy candle, it emits a pleasant, relaxing aroma, produces soft lighting, and creates a calming ambiance. The overall effect is reduced anxiety levels, improved mood, and reduced stress.

Use Myrrh To Improve Skin Health

Myrrh was traditionally used in treating skin infections and wounds. In recent studies, scientists found that an essential oil blend containing myrrh can help improve skin wounds by rejuvenating human skin cells. Mothers who added myrrh to baths recorded a significant improvement in delivery-induced vaginal injuries – which only goes to prove the ability of myrrh to heal wounds and improve skin health.

Additionally, when mixed with sandalwood and other essential oils, myrrh effectively killed microbes that infect skin wounds and infections and inhibited the growth of fungi associated with athlete’s foot and ringworms.

Myrrh Kills Harmful Organisms

According to tests done by modern professional scientists, it was proven that myrrh could kill bacteria and other harmful microbes. Burning frankincense and myrrh reduces airborne bacterial infections by up to 68 percent, as shown by recent studies.

Preliminary animal research has also suggested that myrrh could stimulate an animal’s immune system by making more white blood cells that can directly kill harmful bacteria. From how ancient Egyptians used myrrh with other essential oils to embalm dead bodies, myrrh also slows decay and produces a pleasant scent.

Using Myrrh Alleviates Pain and Swelling

Myrrh oil contains compounds that, when combined with opioid receptors, can send signals to your brain that tell it you are not in pain. This effect is powerful and effective in alleviating headaches and other body pains. According to a half-year study, people prone to headache pains were shown to experience a two-thirds reduction in episodes when they used myrrh. Myrrh also blocks the production of inflammatory chemicals, reducing pain and swelling.

Myrrh Is a Powerful Antioxidant

Myrrh has proven to be a powerful antioxidant – even more than vitamin E – at combating free radicals that cause oxidative damage, which is responsible for aging and other diseases. Moreover, according to an animal study, myrrh oil has demonstrated positive results in liver protection from oxidative damage caused by lead.

Myrrh Combines Well with Other Essential Oils

If you are looking to get maximum benefits from your candles, myrrh allows you to do that by perfectly combining with other essential oil candles. Myrrh candle can blend well with citrus, floral, and spicy essential oils such as lemon, lavender, and frankincense.

The famous myrrh-frankincense combination is a favorite the world over for its complimentary scent and the synergy it produces. In some studies, this combination has demonstrated an 11 percent improved effectiveness against infectious bacteria and other microbes.

Myrrh May Be Used in Psychotherapy

Did you know that some psychotherapy treatments combine pleasing scents with relaxation training to induce positive results? Techniques such as mindfulness, biofeedback, and practiced breathing have been shown to work better with a therapeutic candle in the room.

Because of its earthy scent, myrrh can make an excellent addition to any psychotherapy treatment where the goal is to link positive thoughts of calmness and comfort to the smell of the candle. Within no time, just lighting a myrrh candle will put you in an excellent mood.

Other Powerful Benefits of Burning Myrrh Candles

Common Scent Combinations

It’s quite common to burn more that one incense scent at a time and people commonly like to burn one of the following scents with myrrh:

The main 2 Scent Combinations Are:

Less common scent combinations

Where Can I Buy Myrrh Essential Oil and Myrrh Scented Candles?

You can buy myrrh scented candles at any local home, bath or spa store however I personally prefer to buy mine online through Amazon.

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Final Thoughts On Myrrh Oil/Candles

In addition to its warm, pleasant, and earthy scent – according to further studies –the benefits of myrrh include the ability to kill parasites, harmful bacteria, and other microbes. The oil also helps in healing skin sores and easing pain and swelling. If you wish to enjoy these benefits, it is advisable to diffuse myrrh oil and inhale the aroma or buy products that contain the Myrrh oil, such as the Myrrh candle.