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Best Buddhist Monk Robes & How To Wear Them

Meditation is essential for the body, mind, and soul. It helps an individual connect with the inner self as well as the environment and spiritual universe. That said, it should be equally important to be prepared adequately before the start of the meditation session to ensure maximum benefits from the whole practice. One of the essential items to have are Buddhist monk robes, and they are sure to enhance your meditation experience.

Why Wear Buddhist Monk Robes During Meditation?

There are various reasons why you should wear Buddhist monk robes when meditating.


Buddhist monk robes are usually light and comfortable to wear. The body needs to be relaxed during meditation, and a monk robe will sure get you there. Therefore wearing a Buddhist monk robe when getting into your meditation session, you are sure to feel light and extract as much from your practice.


The robes themselves are a sign of simplicity, which is the ultimate aim of mindfulness meditation. They symbolize detachment from materialism, propagated by the modern world. If you set your mind that you need to achieve simplicity in your life, then you can enhance that feeling when you wear a Buddhist monk robe.

Enforcing your meditation practice

A robe will implement your commitment to meditation and give you a religious attire to wear when meditating. You are likely to cut out distractions when starting your session. For instance, you are sure not to cut short your meditation to go into town, since you will be in a robe.

Our Top 5 Favorite Buddhist Meditation Robes

Having understood the importance of wearing a robe during meditation, we can look at the top five meditation robe that you can wear;

1. ZanYing Buddhist Zen Meditation Monk Robe

The material of the ZanYing Buddhist meditation robe is made of 72% ice filament and the rest hemp yarn. It is incredibly light; therefore, you can easily hand wash it, and it dries fast. It comes in all sizes; hence, no need to worry about finding the right fit for you.

It is also important to note that it is made in china, the true masters of producing Buddhist meditation robes.

2. ZanYing Men’s Medieval Meditation Monk Robe

Another masterpiece from china this robe is made from original cotton and linen. You can already guess it will offer comfort and warmth during meditation. It is because they are of a free design, meaning that they aren’t too tight or too loose. It is easy to hand wash with cold water, or you can also choose to dry clean.

You can wear it during winter without worrying about getting cold, or even summer. Import the ZanYing Medieval meditation monk robe and uncover the real secret of meditating.

3. KATUO Men’s Traditional Buddhist Meditation Monk Robe

Also from China, the KATUO traditional Buddhist meditation monk robe is made of 70% cotton and 30% linen. This critical for maximum comfort and ease of cleaning. Handwashing with cold water is usually enough, or you can also decide to dry clean. The robe is long enough and will offer warmth when in a sitting position.

It comes in different sizes, and therefore you are sure not to miss one that will fit you. You can find different colors that best suit your personality. Purchase the KATUO meditation robe to enhance your whole experience.

4. Tibetan Buddhist Monk Robes/Dress Set

Imported directly from Nepal, the robe/dress set comes with an extra-large shirt or senthap 42inches in length, an extra-large shirt, and 2.5 meters long shawl a belt, which is the free size. All the items are made from the highest quality of cotton. The Tibetan Monk robe or dress is suitable for all seasons, whether hot or cold.

They are suitable for both males and females since they are originally designed for both Buddhist monks and nuns.

5. Buddhist Monk Robe – Saffron Orange, Thai Priest Uniform

Do you want to look the part as a real monk? Then this is the robe for you. The saffron orange color was long associated with Buddhist monks over 20 centuries ago. This robe is the fitting garment that follows the Theravada sect of Buddhism. It is made of the highest quality of heavy cotton, meaning that it is suitable for individuals with very sensitive skin.

It is durable, offers excellent ventilation, and it is easy to hand wash or dry clean. If you want to get into that spiritual mindfulness, then this is the best robe for you since it is applicable for Buddhist monks, preachers, novice abbots, holy men, and even priests.

How To Wear Buddhist Monk Robes During Meditation

It is vital to wear Monk robes properly even before starting your meditation sessions. You want to be comfortable in the clothing to only focus on meditating. That said, the following guide will help you wear monk robes properly during meditation.

1. Start with the inner robe usually referred to as Atarvasa

It is the inner robe that covers the lower part of the body. It must be underneath the other layers of clothing. The bottom protrudes in a triangular shape. You can think of it as the ancient men’s wear that was in the form of skirts.

2. Put on the upper robe referred to as Uttarasanga

You make sure that this covers the upper part of the body. It should come over the antarvasa but also beneath the outer robe.

3. Now cover both the antarvasa and uttarasanga with the outer robe known as Samghati

This should be the most visible garment with the inner robe protruding at the bottom. It covers both the inner robe and the upper robe. You can fold it similarly as the Greek himation if you are familiar with Greek traditions.

If you want to enforce your meditation practice, having the right garment is equally important as the zafu cushion. Buddhist monk robes will get into spiritual levels never imagined before since you will be comfortable in the clothing. Therefore you will be able to focus only on getting the most from your meditation practice. I hope the list of the top robes will convince you to get one for yourself and truly transform your meditation experience.

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