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Calcite Metaphysical Properties And Meaning

The Calcite stone, the multivitamin for the spirit, can be used to unlock and refresh your chakras. Calcite is a prevalent yet complicated crystal. Its crystal is composed of calcium carbonate and is known for being a powerful energy enhancement. Every variety also contains its distinct features, which offer the rich and soulful nutrition required to flourish imagination and spirituality.

The Amplification Stone

Calcite is a stone, which showers you with jolts of energy, always eager to encourage and motivate your soul, with its blast of fresh citrus awesomeness and its amazing reinforcing energy. At times in life when you feel as if you require some motivation for the spirit, Calcite will come in and carry its enlivening flow to clear out old unhealthy behaviors, untangle the anchors, leaving you with a smile on your face.

Calcite derives its name from the Greek term Chalix and the Latin word Calx, which means ‘lime.’ Instead of referring to hue, the reference to lime relates to its crystallized limestone composition. Calcite is a calcium carbonate crystal, and if its mysterious shimmer appears familiar, it is because you have probably spotted Calcite before when admiring the intricate details of stalagmites and stalactites.

Calcite is known by various titles in the world today, including Clear Calcite, Iceland Spar, Calcspar. It is found all around the globe, but most prominently in the United Kingdom, Namibia, Romania, Belgium, Eastern Europe, Mexico, the United States, and, obviously, Iceland, the land of fire and ice itself.

Calcite can be found in a variety of colors, ranging from bright citrus orange to transparent ice. Every hue brings its very own electromagnetic radiation. Nevertheless, Calcite is all about encouraging artistic expression, washing away negativity, and nurturing emotional stability so that you can restore and enhance your life quality.

Metaphysical Properties Of Calcite Crystals

Calcite is a highly refreshing stone, which ensures that it is poised to flush out the toxic energy and clutter that might be stashed away in your long-term memory on a metaphysical level. Calcite is a sacred stone. It understands that to be prepared for higher realms of thought and discovering your meaning, your mind must be cleansed, pure, and free of distorted moments. Calcite will assist you in reconnecting with your very core soul and encourage you to tap into latent psychic abilities.

Healing Properties of The Calcite Crystal

Calcite, a natural mineral composed of limestone, is a powerful energy converter, disintegrating the past to make room for the fresh. Calcite’s two most common shades are orange and green.

You will hardly have enough good luck charms in this crazy universe, making Green Calcite the must-have stone for attracting great fortune and success into your world. Green symbolizes wealth, but the soothing and cool hue also represents the natural world. Meditation with Green Calcite reunites yourself to the earth as an origin of life’s energy.

Want to be a champion? Orange Calcite promotes the sacral chakra, the energy core which bears the key to imagination and sexuality. Orange Calcite is an ideal accessory for entering into a new journey or adventure as it is a potent energy purifier that travels around the entire body. Whenever you meditate with Orange Calcite, you can begin your day with some sunshine, no matter what the weather is like. All of this is part of a full spiritual breakfast, which provides the soul with the nutrients it requires to vibrate at its maximum level.

When blended, they really ramp it up in terms of amplifying the stones around it. Combine the Calcite crystal sense into your atmosphere and allow it to purify and intensify the area’s positive energy.

Stones may appear to be the most physically inactive structures on the earth. However, they possess dynamic fields that continuously radiate with vibrant and pure energy in the spiritual realm. Have a few sweet-colored Calcite crystal stones in your room, such as orange, rainbow, green, pink, to add a vibrant and fun pop of color to your interior decoration.


The Calcite crystal’s flexible and calming properties make it an impressive complement to your gemstone collection. Calcite and its many variations, available in various delectable flavors, are always prepared to light up your world!

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