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Do you feel like you have bad energy in your home? You can cleanse the negative energy from your home by burning incense which purifies the air if your home has bad odors and bacterial infection. Moreover, incense cleansing uplifts your spirits, moods and counteracts stress and anxiety. Although the incense cleansing might be attributed to ancient communities, you can still burn it today and enjoy its benefits. You can enjoy the aromas and cleansing properties of incense and have improved health outcomes. You can try incense cleaning, and here what you might wish to know about incense cleansing practice.

If you are not sure what incense is for then cleansing is a great place to start.

Who Should Use an Incense Cleansing Ritual?

Anybody can burn incense to enjoy the incense cleansing ritual at home, and incense can remove stagnant energy from your space, reduce stress, exhaustion and anxiety. Although you can cleanse a new house to remove any negative energy left behind by previous owners, you can still use incense when trying to drop a bad habit or during the recovery process. Incense use in common with religious people who want to meditate, pray and reflect on their spirituality. Native Americans burnt the incense during ancient times, and you can adapt it if your lineage comes from the native communities. Although people tend to think that burning incense is a form of cultural appropriation, it is beneficial and practiced by almost all ancient societies.

What Are the Benefits of an Incense Cleansing Ritual?

Reduce stress and anxiety

Incense sticks with essential oils and herbs that positively affect the mind; when you inhale the incense immediately, you have a shift in the state of mind. They can reduce the heart rate leaving you feeling better. Moreover, it allows for relaxation and release of feel-good hormones, which reduces anxiety and stress.

It boosts your creativity

As an artist experiencing a lack of inspiration or writer’s block, you could boost your creativity by inhaling burnt incense. Incense makes you feel focused on your tasks even better than soft music. You can burn the incense to release your creative spirit, which helps you boost creativity at work.

Enhance mental well being

When burning incense, you could practice positive, mindful behaviors such as yoga. Yoga makes you mindful of others, and service to other people gives you meaning to life. The positive energy that you give others will come back to you according to karma.

Help with sleep

Incense could help you drift off when your mind is too busy, and you can dim the lights and burn the incense in your bedroom. You could start burning the incense thirty minutes before going to bed. The aroma will fill the room by the time you will be going to bed, and it will be beneficial for calming you down as you sleep. However, you should ensure that that the incense is completely burnt before going to bed.

It can purify your air

Incense has antibacterial properties which could purify the air in your home. Harmful pollutants and bacteria could cause diseases and allergies that could affect your health and fix the allergies with incense.

Creates a connection with past memories

You can connect with your memories when you burn incense that reminds you about memories. You can relieve all your beautiful memories by burning the incense that brings out the best for you. The smell of odors affects how the brain can evoke memories and create new ones that you will relive in the future.

You can connect with the sense of spirituality

Incense has been used in ancient religions and spiritual settings, and you can connect with your sense of spirituality by burning incense. Many indigenous cultures might send prayers directly to the gods and spirits by burning incense.

You can start a routine

If you thrive with routine, you can create a new one with incense, and you could burn the incense in the window against the window when starting the day or at the end of a busy day. When burning incense, you could set a timer that builds a routine.

How to Prepare For Your First Incense Cleansing Ritual

You will prepare yourself mentally before burning the incense. First, you could start by setting yourself in the bathtub before burning the incense. Moreover, you can start reading a book while burning incense, and the incense would calm your nerves and prepare you for a good night.

How to Perform Your Incense Cleansing Ritual

You can perform an incense cleaning ritual by burning incense in your living room and enjoy the sweet aroma that would leave your home warm. To avoid fire and ashes, you can hold the incense in metallic holders; however, incense does not cause a fire hazard. You can let the incense burn on the holder in the bedroom or the bathroom to purify your home.

How Often Should You Perform an Incense Cleansing Ritual?

Although you could perform the cleansing ritual, you can often do so when you feel like you have bad energy in your home. When you want to start a new routine, you could burn the incense to help you get in a good mood.

The Best Time Do the Cleansing Ritual?

It is wise to burn the incense early in the morning as it cleans the house from bad energy improves your experiences during the day. You could let the incense burn on the window and let the aroma flow into your home. Moreover, nighttime could be the perfect time to burn the incense, as it helps you fall asleep quickly after a tiresome day.


Burning incense is could help purify the air in your home and uplift your spirits, thus reducing anxiety. It is an ancient practice common in most societies, and you can adapt it today for your wellness. Incense helps improve focus and could promote a good night’s sleep, especially after a tiresome day. You can burn it in the morning to add aroma to your home and set the pace for the rest of the day. Moreover, after a difficult day, incense could help you feel more relaxed and retire to bed.

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