What Are Essential Oils


Essential oils are a concentrated liquid compound which is extracted from specific plants.

Plants have their own unique essence and essential oils are made through the process of capturing the plants scent.

Each plant has its own compound that gives it a unique aroma.

Who Discovered Essential Oils?

Essential oils were discovered in Ancient Egypt and today we know it as “aromatherapy”.

These essential oils were mainly used for 3 different reasons by the Egyptions:

  1. Used as part of the offering ceremonies in their religion.
  2. Because of the amazing aroma they were used in many cosmetics.
  3. Used in medicine due to their powerful medicinal qualities.

There has been evidence dating back as far as 3500 BC where distillation tools have been discovered from that era.

How Are Essential Oils Made?

Essential oils are made by through the use of cold pressing machinery or a distillation process. Both of these processes are able to extract the plants unique scent and it is then mixed with a carrier oil before being sold to consumers.

It’s important that these essential oil concentrates are diluted with the carrier oil otherwise they might be toxic to humans and can potentially cause damage to the skin or lungs.

Essential Oil Benefits

Essential Oils & What They Can Be Used For

There are hundreds of reports regarding the benefits of essential oils including help with skin conditions, emotional health, sleep, libido, digestion and even infections.

There are many different uses for essential oils and I have written a few different articles below. Make sure to check back regularly as I update this list of articles often

Essential Oil How To Guides

Where To Apply Essential Oils

You can apply essential oils to various parts of your body depending on what you are trying to remedy.

The different places on your body that you can apply essential oils are:

  • Face
  • Skin
  • Hair
  • Feet
  • Hands

Where To Find Essential Oils

You can find essential oils at your local pharmacy or an aromatherapy shop if there’s one in your area.

10 Best Essential Oil Brands

There are many different brands of essential oil and below is our top 10 that commonly get recommended to us by our readers.

  • Doterra
  • Now Foods
  • Gya Labs
  • Artizen
  • Lagunamoon
  • Art Naturals
  • Cliganic
  • Anjou
  • Pure Aroma
  • Good Essential

Local Stores That Sell Essential Oils

  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Dusk (Australia)

Otherwise the best way to get hold of them is online.

Where To Buy Essential Oils Online

You can purchase essential oils online at various different online stores the easiest being Amazon and iHerb.