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Amethyst Crystal Benefits, Properties & Meaning

What Meaning Does Amethyst Crystal Have?

Amethyst crystal has many meanings that are associated with the metaphysical properties of the gemstone. Amethyst crystals possess spiritual properties and have been used for centuries to help people achieve spiritual enlightenment.

The color purple signifies both spiritual knowledge and royalty, which is why amethyst crystals were so often worn by Kings or other royals in centuries gone by.

Many people believe that amethyst crystals are an attractive stone which also possess spiritual powers. The use of amethyst crystals is said to bring good luck and prosperity, while the gemstone is also believed to protect against psychic attacks, enhance intuition and strengthen higher awareness.

Amethyst Crystal Benefits and Metaphysical Properties


Amethyst is a very powerful and protective crystal. It has been connected with the guardians of the gates of heaven. It is a protector from psychic attack and can help to shield you from negativity sent your way.

Amethyst will protect against psychic manipulation; it creates a barrier that repels negative energies, balancing and stimulating at the same time. This allows for an increased spiritual awareness, which in turn can lead to an increased awareness in all areas of your life.

Opening the third eye

Amethyst is traditionally connected to the third-eye chakra, and can aid with developing intuition as well as psychic abilities such as clairvoyance. It helps you tune into your psychic senses and heighten your spiritual perception.

Improving focus and concentration

The energy of amethyst can be used for focusing on finding solutions to problems, which can have a great impact on your creativity. The calming influence of amethyst also helps you to relax so that you are more receptive to intuitive thoughts.

Promoting lucid dreaming

Amethyst is thought to help promote dreams, particularly dream recall and lucid dreams. It has been used in rituals for inducing visions into the mind’s eye by releasing suppressed or repressed emotions – this can be done through meditation with this crystal too, allowing greater self-awareness and understanding.

Meditation aid

The spiritual energy of amethyst is useful for those who wish to do spiritual work but may find themselves distracted easily. Its focus points the mind towards spirituality, helping you become more aware of your connection to the universe as well as what motivates you.


Amethyst is a powerful rejuvenation stone, helping to promote emotional as well as physical regeneration. It can help boost self-confidence and revive feelings of optimism, which will improve your health and the quality of your life.

Improving creativity

Amethyst enhances concentration – which makes it a wonderful tool for increasing creativity. Cultures throughout history have used this crystal to stimulate the creative process, particularly within art and writing.

Enhancing intuition

The spiritual energy of amethyst enables you to develop your natural psychic abilities so that you experience increased intuitive awareness. It enhances clairvoyance, telepathy and precognition by allowing you to tune into higher realms of consciousness where information exists that you cannot access through everyday means.

Calming and soothing

The calming energy of amethyst is particularly useful for those who suffer from insomnia, restlessness or anxiety. It can be used to balance out any over-stimulation in the mind and body. This crystal helps us to feel more able to cope with our everyday pressures, which in turn allows us to feel more at peace within ourselves.

Enhancing meditation

Amethyst is a popular choice for healing crystals because it enhances your psychic abilities while you meditate, making it easier to contact higher planes of consciousness where divine guidance exists. Its connection with the third eye chakra makes this stone especially good for meditation practices that focus on opening up intuition and insight, such as Shamanic journeying or scrying.

Amethyst is an exceptional crystal in using in healing rituals, and for enhancing healing energy in the environment. It is also worn as jewelry pieces such as healing earrings, necklaces, or bracelets to keep them near the body. Its energy helps the mind become humble and clear.

Providing comfort

The calming energy of amethyst can bring a sense of peace and calm, which can be especially helpful for those who find themselves overwhelmed or stressed. This stone promotes feelings of patience and tolerance, allowing you to move forward with your life free from emotional baggage. Its calming vibrations can also help balance out irrational mood swings so that you experience a more stable emotional state.

Promoting happiness

Amethyst is thought to encourage the finding of joy within ourselves, promoting feelings of contentment and serenity as we learn how to enjoy our own company. It has been used as a healing stone for centuries because it helps us connect with what makes us truly happy and brings an appreciation for everything that we already have in this moment. This positive outlook will then allow us to move forward in a way that benefits our lives and the lives of those around us.

Enhancing psychic awareness

Amethyst is associated with the crown chakra, which opens up the ability to see beyond everyday experiences. It has been used for centuries as a tool for meditation and altered states, allowing you to connect more profoundly with your spiritual side and your life purpose. This stone enhances psychic abilities and makes it easier to tune into other realms where divine guidance or higher knowledge can be found.

Protecting from nightmares

The protective energy of amethyst works by creating an energetic shield around the body that deflects any negative vibrations directed towards you. If you do experience painful memories during sleep, using this crystal will help to prevent these from becoming nightmares by maintaining a calm, positive atmosphere within your aura.

Boosting restful sleep

Amethyst’s protective energy makes it particularly beneficial for those who experience difficulty sleeping or suffer from nightmares. It can also be used to help induce lucid dreaming and out-of-body experiences (OBEs), which allow you access to other realms while you are asleep. These dreams will feel more connected because they result in increased dream recall, allowing you to remember the messages that your body received during sleep so that you can deal with issues needing attention in waking life.

Promoting fertility

In general, amethyst is thought to have an energizing effect on the body, increasing vitality and stamina. This stone is particularly beneficial for women, because it can be used to promote fertility and ease the symptoms of menstrual cramps. It is also said to protect pregnant women from miscarriage or complications during labor. If you are trying to conceive, amethyst can help shorten the time it takes for your body to release an egg after ovulation has occurred.


Amethyst is a stone of higher consciousness and divine wisdom, enhancing psychic abilities while bringing feelings of peace and happiness. It can be used to increase energy levels and fertility while also protecting against nightmares or negative vibrations.