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What Crystals Are Good For Motivation?

If you feel tired and worn out, you can turn to crystals to help bring good luck, joy and stop you feeling stuck. At such times, you need a source of positive energy in your life to enhance your will power. When you feel motivated, you can have a better outlook on life to reach your goals.

This is where healing crystals can help you. These healing crystals are known as crystals for motivation due to real reasons. They boost positive energy reserves in your life for increasing passion, balance, and creativity for success.

But to get the best level of energy and motivation using crystals, you should know which crystals are good for motivation. So, here is our list of the best crystals to increase physical energy and mental clarity to stay motivated.

7 Best Crystals and Stones for Motivation 

Carnelian for Activating The Sacral Chakra

Carnelian is an incredible stone if you need focus in life and want to get rid of fear. This stone helps you eliminate the negative energy by unblocking the sacral chakra. When the sacral chakra is active, your creativity and confidence to face the challenges of life increases.

It’s also known as the crystal of motivation, career, and endurance. This stone brings balance by enhancing physical strength. So, if you’re feeling distracted or are procrastinating on a project due to lack of motivation, you need to get carnelian stone in your life.

Orange Calcite for Positive Energy

Like the carnelian, orange calcite stone also opens the sacral chakra. It’s known as the “Stone for Creativity.” This stone fills you with positive energy and boosts motivation to achieve your goals. Orange calcite removes stagnant energy from your life that can block your way to success.

A balance of energies brings good luck and prosperity. The balance is often lost when the ambition and focus vanish from your life. Orange calcite sparks ambition in your body. By removing self-doubt and giving you new purpose and confidence, this stone provides an exceptional potential to excel in life.

Blue Apatite Inspiration & Personal Power

Blue apatite is a stone for inspiration, manifestation, and focus. It’s one of the best motivation crystals if you want to achieve your goals. It boosts your physical energy by encouraging a positive attitude towards life. This stone helps to build energy reserves to increase focus and passion.

If you’re a student or a business person, blue apatite is a great stone for you for better concentration and consistency towards your goals.

Red Jasper To Purge Negative Energy

Red jasper is an excellent stone for motivation. It has a connection with Earth. Due to the Earth connection and sacral chakra, it induces confidence and motivation in your body. It’s beneficial during stress, as this stone removes negative energy from your life.

It’s known to bring balance by manifestation of stable and gentle energy. But stable energy doesn’t make it less effective. It’s an excellent crystal for promoting courage and endurance to tackle life challenges.

Amethyst Improve Physical Energy

Amethyst works by activating crown chakra in your body and stimulates empowering energy. It promotes a motivational mindset and encourages you to make decisions for improving your life.

This stone will add clarity to your life. You’ll be able to understand the factors or steps that are crucial for your success. A positive stimulation will help you focus while getting rid of anxiety and negative energy.

Red Tiger’s Eye  For Vitality

You need red tiger’s eye vitality in your life if you’re feeling lethargic and can’t focus on your goals. During life, you can come across many things that can drain your energy and divert your track towards success.

You can overcome all these negative energies that halt your way to success by staying focused. Red tiger’s eye’s crystal therapy improves your focus by helping you realize your inner strengths.

Garnet Provides Positive Energies

Garnet belongs to the category of motivation crystals that provide energy on all levels. Whether you need physical, mental, or emotional support, garnet is a great stone for all these. You get an unmatchable strength, hope, and energy.

In addition, garnet is known to bring good fortune. It can act as your good luck charm by radiating all the positive energy your way.

Bottom Line 

When it comes to using crystals for their benefits, if you know exactly what you want to achieve then it’s quite easy to find the perfect set of crystals for you. There are plenty of other stones that are not mentioned on this list such as black tourmaline and green aventurine which also have powerful benefits causing higher vibrations and other crystals can improve your personal power and life force.

You can opt for any stone to boost motivation in your life. But, remember to ask an expert how to use a stone to have a stable flow of positive energy.