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Angelite Metaphysical Properties And Meaning

You can use magical stones to bring peace, love, and tranquility to your life. You can learn about the Angelite metaphysical properties and how you can apply them to improve your life. Read on to learn learn more about the Angelite stone

What Is Angelite

An Angelite is healing and protecting stone that can bring a calming effect and connect to positive spirits and guardian angels. If you wear an Angelite, it helps you conquer your fears and remove blockages from your life.

Angelite Composition

An Angelite stone is a form of anhydrite and is a recently discovered mineral; the name anhydrous means without water, which means the stone is gypsum which has lost all its water through hydration.

Where Is Angelite Found

The angelate was first discovered in Peru but is found globally. You may find angelate stones in Britain, Germany, Poland, Libya, Mexico, and Egypt.

Angelite Colors and Appearance

The angelate crystals are mainly blue; some could be bluish-white and others completely white. However, you can find angelate stones with red hematite inclusions. It looks like blue calcite but is dense and opaque. Although it is in crystals, they have uneven shapes, and some might be seen in massive forms.

Angelite Zodiac Sign

Angelate crystals are associated with the zodiac sign Aquarius due to their blue color.

Angelite Hardness

The angelate hardness is about 3 Mohs with a specific gravity of 2.9-3. Its refractive index is 1.97-1.64.

Angelite Chemical Formula

An angelate is calcium sulfate with the chemical formula CaSO4.

Angelite Is a Stone Which Has Synergies With

The angelate stones are associated with the wind and can bring spiritual energies related to power. You can wear the crystal to achieve the highest form of personal growth and strength. Moreover, it can heal different diseases and attract love and protection. The angelate stone can help you overcome your fears and remove any stumbling blocks in your life. It may encourage forgiveness at all levels and can sharpen your skills.

Which Chakras Does Angelite Help Balance

The Angelite is a crystal that promotes awareness and is associated with the new age. It can encourage telepathic communication, and it enables out-of-the-body journeys. It helps you maintain reality while connecting with your higher being. The angelate stone is powerful and is used by healers to deepen attunements and heighten perception. It can help you speak your truth and may help you develop compassion and acceptance. When the crystal is used for healing, it can repair tissues, blood tissues and balance fluids in the body. In addition, the stone may cool pain caused by sunburns.

Angelite Meaning

Angelate is a stone of the wind and brings spiritual healing, protection, love, and healing. The name is associated with the anhydrate meaning it is gypsum that has lost all its water.

5 Powerful Metaphysical Properties of Angelite

An Angelite can raise your consciousness

The stone represents peace and brotherhood and can help you achieve a conscious awareness. In addition, it can facilitate contact with angels and higher beings.

The stone is associated with healing

Angelite crystals are associated with the wind and can bring healing and promote telepathic communication. Additionally, it enables astral travel and facilitates spiritual journeys.

The stone deepens attunement

The angelate stone is used by healers and can balance your body fluids, heal sunburns and other diseases. In addition, the stone might protect you from environmental harm as it speaks directly with the universe.

It improves spirituality

The stone might create a deep feeling of peace and tranquility as it connects with the universe’s knowledge and raises awareness. It may facilitate rebirthing, open psychic channeling, and stimulate healing. The stone can guide people with pain and other disorders into wholeness and healing. For example, it could support throat health and elevate inflammation. Additionally, it corrects blood deficiencies and renews your blood vessels.


The stone could help you speak your truth as it promotes communication and self-expression. In addition, the stone dispels fear, anxiety, and stress while converting faith and tranquility.

Where to Buy Angelite Stones/ Crystals

You may find the Angelite crystals from the stores near you and trusted online vendors like Amazon. However, Angelites are not common as they could absorb water and become the common gypsum, and you should ensure you buy the right crystals which have not been contaminated by moisture.

Final Thoughts

Angelite stones are connected to nature and are associated with the wind, and they can elevate your spirituality and make you self-aware. It creates compassion and promotes healing, and is one of the stones associated with earth healers. You can find the Angelite stones in the local stores or from trusted vendors like Amazon. Good luck in finding and utilizing the Angelite stone for healing.

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