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Septarian Metaphysical Properties And Meaning

Around 50 to 70 million years ago, volcanic eruptions led to the formation of mud balls, which encased dead sea life. These mudballs, which were submerged underwater, began to shrink, dry, and crack when the oceans receded, forming random patterns. The patterns are what we now call septarian stones.

Septarian is a uniquely beautiful stone that creates a protective shield around the mind and body of its user, instilling joy, confidence, and positivity. Below, we review its meaning, formation, properties, and combinations. We also explore some septarian metaphysical properties.

What Is Septarian?

Septarian is a precious stone also called the Dragon Stone (because it resembles dragon eggs), Septaria, or Septaria. It is one of the official stones of the Taurus zodiac sign and among the most beautiful stones around as no two pieces look the same.

What Is Septarian Composed of?

The septarian stone is a geode that is a combination of grey limestone, yellow calcite, white or clear barite, and brown Aragonite. This explains their unique, multi-color appearance.

Where Is Septarian Found?

Deposits of septarian can be found in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Spain, England, and Madagascar. There are also stones along the Gulf of Mexico.

Septarian Colors and Appearance

Septarian is a concretion stone that comes in brownish, whitish, and yellowish hues. It has yellow centers as a result of its calcite content, grey outer layers due to limestone, and brown lines from the Aragonite.

Chemical Formula

n{CaCO3} p{CaMg(CO3)2}

Septarian and Zodiac Signs

Septarian will positively affect anyone who uses it but is mainly associated with the Taurus zodiac signs. In fact, it is one of the official stones of this birth sign. The stone helps Taureans maintain their strong will and integrity, even during moments of weakness.

Septarian Hardness

The septarian stone has a Mohs hardness of 3 to 4, which means it is vulnerable to cracking and scratching and should be stored in a soft bag away from other hard materials.

What Stones Does Septarian Have Synergies with?

Septaria can be paired with many stones, including

Which Chakras Does Septarian Help Balance?

Septarian is known to balance the root chakra and solar plexus. By stimulating the latter, it gives the user the confidence to speak in public and make responsible decisions.

What Is the Meaning of Septarian?

The name septarian is derived from the Latin words ‘septum’, meaning seven or ‘saeptum,’ which means enclosure or wall. The first relation is construed from the fact that the stone seems to form in a pattern of seven. On the other hand, the second meaning is a nod to the stone’s ability to provide grounding stability and protection.

Metaphysical Properties of Septarian

Septarian has powerful and positive effects on the mind, body, and aura of its user. The following are some septarian metaphysical properties you can enjoy from buying the stone:

Health and Healing

The energy produced from septaria helps increase the body’s ability to absorb calcium and fight foreign bodies and pain. Its warmth can also boost your immunity, helping you fight the following ailments:

Septarian is also known to strengthen your joints and bones, increasing your strength and vitality.

Relationships and Love

True to its original meaning of boundary or wall, Septarian will help you protect your privacy in relationships. It will also protect you from any negative feelings those close to you might harbor against you, hiding your aura from other people’s gazes and watchful eyes. Even in committed relationships, there is that part of yourself that you may want to reserve for no one else, but you and this stone will strengthen your resolve to do this.

Good Luck

If you are in a conflict (e.g., facing a lawsuit), septarian will offer excellent protection. It will help you maintain your calm, prevent you from making any mistakes, strengthen you during such moments of weakness, and protect everything you have worked to achieve.

Where to Buy Septarian Nodules

You can easily purchase septarian nodules, jewelry, or accessories at your local precious stone store or through online retailers like Amazon.


If you feel lost, discouraged, or are battling with other negative emotions, you should take advantage of the septarian metaphysical properties discussed in this post. Using this precious stone will open up avenues in your physical body, relationships, and financial success that you never imagined before. It will uplift your aura, giving you the confidence to face the journey ahead of you.

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