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The Benefits of Burning White Sage Incense

Since the early days, native Americans have considered White Sage sacred. It derives its status from its purifying, cleansing, and protective properties. White Sage is commonly found in desert ecosystems.White sage is one of the most common and well known types of incense for cleansing homes, temples and other sacred spaces.

This article shines some light on white sage benefits and reasons you should consider adding it to your life. Read on to understand the magic of this indigenous plant’s properties.

Origin of White Sage

Salvia, or typical sage, is a tiny evergreen shrub that can be used in numerous applications. White sage (salvia apiana) is commonly used for creating smudge sticks or bundles. Contrary to other sage varieties, white sage narrower and longer leaves densely populate the stem, making it easier to bundle together.

Although white sage is synonymous with high deserts, it is usually found in the mountainous American West and California. Native Americans were the first to record its application in ritual and ceremonial issues. initially, white sage was known as “Sacred Sage.” Its major applications included avoiding negative energy, prosperity, engaging the spirits, blessings, and so on.

How Do I Use White Sage Incense Sticks?

Saging or sage smudging refers to a ritual that involves burning sage leaves or sticks. Emerging smoke is then channeled to areas that require purification or cleaning. The mechanism behind sage burning is that the arising smoke attaches itself to the negative energy behind the being, object, or space. After settling on the ground, the smoke drags along negative vibes, leaving pleasant, positive energies.

Benefits of White Sage Incense

There are many different things incense is used for. Here are the benefits of white sage incense, also known as smudging, and how to apply them to enhance your overall wellness.


Smudging is used as a medium to connect to the spiritual world or stimulate intuition. Traditionally, healers and laypeople burnt sage to reflect on spiritual dilemmas or achieve healing. Scientifically, white sage contains thujone. A compound that is present in most plants used in spiritual rituals and to enhance perception


Burning sage has long been used to clear negative energy, including bad experiences, past traumas, or negative externalities, to bring in positivity. It is proper that you always smudge with intention. Be it cleansing or securing the body or space, setting your intention before smudging lets you make most of burning white sage. Smudging creates a perfect environment for your meditation or spiritual ritual. Choosing a ritual can be the first step to a whole new mindset.

Healing Properties

White sage continues to be popular due to its medicinal properties. It contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that enhance health and prevent infections. Besides being a stimulant, it is occasionally used to address digestive complications.


Besides health and cleansing reasons, sage also applies in aromatherapy, thanks to its ability to leave a lasting fragrance. You can use it in most spaces around your house that have bad odors. Cleansing with smudge leaves them smelling good for weeks.

Mood Changer

According to tradition, smudging can improve your mood if you are feeling gloom. Research confirms that white sage is an essential conventional alternative for addressing depression, anxiety, and mood inconsistencies.

Cleansing Specific Objects

The fragrant smoke that emerges when burning white sage can be ideal in smudging objects. You can use it with new purchases, secondhand equipment, or gifts. If you are having reservations over a new or unfamiliar object, smudging brings you tranquility, endearing the object to you.

Treating Insomnia

Are you having trouble sleeping? White sage incense can clear away negative vibes that could be inhibiting your sleep. Research confirms that sage contains compounds that are indeed ideal for insomnia. White sage can be used to soothe anxiety and improve your sleeping pattern.

Cognition Properties

Smudging with sage can enhance your focus and memory. Research suggests it can be effective for conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia because of these cognitive enhancing capabilities.

Boosting Energy Levels Within the Body

Through cleansing the body, spaces, and objects from negativity, you usher in fresher, newer, and more positive vibes. Besides energizing, it also helps in solving fatigue issues.


Burning sage offers several benefits spiritually. Research supports some health benefits of sage arising from its rich composition in body essentials. If you are one for meditation, burning white sage creates a perfect environment for your spiritual moment. Being a sacred religious practice, it would be proper that you give the ritual its deserving respect when burning white sage incense for maximum benefits.