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Top 9 Sandalwood Incense Benefits

Sandalwood incense is made out of the classic scent of the wood and roots of the Santalum album tree native to East India. Although it is highly valued as an alternative medical fragrance and oil, Sandalwood has not been scientifically proven to cure many illnesses. Some of the sandalwood incense benefits include increased alertness, reduced anxiety, healing wounds, antibiotic properties, healing skin cancer, natural relaxants, and stress relievers. A new trend has begun where people are using sandalwood incense for cleansing their body and mind.

Natural Relaxant

Sandalwood oil incense could act as a natural relaxant and sedative against muscle spasms. Sandalwood could help relax your nerves, contractions and cure colds, aches, and cramps. You could burn the incense when you have menstrual cramps, and it could soothe childbirth pain. Moreover, it could shorten the post-partum pain when burnt after child delivery.

Sandalwood Incense Could Lower Your Blood Pressure

Sandalwood oil incense has hypotensive agents that could lower your blood pressure and lower hypertension. When you burn the Sandalwood incense, it releases the oils that are beneficial for your blood pressure. You could incorporate it with your bath routine or when relaxing at home.

Sandalwood as an Anti-Inflammatory Agent

Sandalwood oil incense could be used as an anti-inflammatory agent as it exhibits a soothing effect that could provide instant relief. You could let the smoke linger on the injured area to get the soothing effect. It could work well on insect bites, and wounds could elevate the pain associated with burns and insect bites.

Used As an Antiseptic

You could use Sandalwood both as an internal and external antiseptic; when you inhale, the Sandalwood incense could treat skin conditions like acne, sores, boils, and pimples that could be progressing into infections. You could incorporate the incense into your bathing routine as wet skin could absorb the oils produced by the incense. Moreover, after burning the incense, you could substitute it with Sandalwood oil to effectively heal skin infections.

Provides Relief from Stress

The sandalwood incense could promote calmness and reduce stress when burnt after a tiresome day. The warmth of the Sandalwood oil incense could help you feel more relaxed, and it could help keep your emotions in check, promote harmony and peace. You could use it with the family to promote peace and harmony in your house. To get the best out of the sandalwood incense, you could burn it in your living room to create a soothing environment. However, if the other family members do not want to join you in burning the incense you could take it to your room or substitute it with the oil that could be rubbed on the wrist and inhaled for immediate stress relief.

Sandalwood Incense for Spirituality

If you belong to the major stream religions like Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism, you could be familiar with the use of incense in tapping your spirituality. Moreover, it could still be used for non-religious purposes to uplift your spirits and moods. You could tap into the parts of spirituality which you have never experienced with incense, such as Sandalwood oil.

Helps With Sleep Issues

Sandalwood could work on insomnia by promoting relaxation and a good mood. You could only fall asleep when you are at peace, and Sandalwood oil incense could give you the desired peace, which promotes sleep. You could burn it in your bedroom and create an environment that promotes better sleep. Moreover, when the incense is left burning, it would not cause fire hazards like the scented candle’s open flames.

Promotes Service to Others

When you start burning incense, you get a sense of mindfulness, which brings the spirit of generosity and service to others. It could teach you how karma works in ways that promote good deeds. The more good you give out to the world, the more of it you could receive it back into your life.

Air Purification

Instead of using commercial air purifiers, you could opt for Sandalwood since its fragrance could remove bad smells like dump clothes or wet pets. You could create a fresh start with Sandalwood incense and reap its health benefits while cleansing your home. Moreover, since it has anti-bacterial properties, it could kill any germs that could be hanging around in your home.

This is also partly why you can use sandalwood incense to repel mosquitos.

The Bottom Line

You could reap sandalwood incense benefits when you burn it in your home, and it could be a better remedy for a peaceful home the best way to use this incense is through sandalwood incense cones or sandalwood incense sticks. You could use it as an air purifier, promote better skin health, better sleep, and enhance spirituality. You could burn the sandalwood incense today and enjoy its benefits.