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Myrrh Incense Benefits

Incense has held its significant utility from ancient past. Till today, it still holds great importance in human practices and daily life. Fragrant scent discovery delightfully colors anyone’s life despite the path one is on. It can be used to provoke certain responses in your daily and spiritual life. Today, there are few examples of commonly known incense like sandalwood, patchouli, jasmine, copal, sage, kewda, rose, and myrrh. Incense benefits much in healing, balancing emotions, and some are believed to attract deities and spiritual energies.

Myrrh is a substance-resin extracted from barks of plants in the genus Commiphora. ‘Incense’ is a Latin word meaning ‘to burn.’ Therefore, below we address the benefits of myrrh incense. Tag along with us!

Mryyh is one of the more powerful incense scents for cleansing, along with white sage or frankincense.

Lowering Anxiety and Stress

Incense has incensole acetate constituent has psychoactive effects, for instance, causes antidepressive behavior and lowers anxiety. Incensole acetate compound activates TRPV3 protein in the brain as well as affecting the parts of the brain in charge of the nerve circuit and emotions. It has a calming effect on the mind by preventing panic or worrying so much and also has a relaxing effect on the breathing system and heart rate.

Attracts Spiritual Blessings

Myrrh and Frankincense have different symbolic representations of humanity – the bad and the good or the sweet and the bitter. Myrrh is pungent and bitter with a history of being used to nurse aches, sprains, inflammatory and bruises, dressed Jesus’ wounds at the time of his burial. In contrast, Frankincense is an incense, spicy and sweet, a consecrated constituent as described in ancient Biblical scriptures. When the two are used unanimously, they strike a balance in our lives. When incense sticks formed from these two are burned, they purify and protect, cleanse the environment, attract prosperity, abundance, and blessings, banish negative energy creating a peaceable spiritual atmosphere for meditation and prayer. This is applied across many religious sects and even in the secular world.

Medicinal Benefits

Serotonin or commonly known as the happy chemical, is found in the bowels, blood platelets, and the brain. It is used as a neurotransmitter of messages between nerve cells. It plays a role in wellness in mood, appetite, digestion, sleep-wake cycles, and emotions. The use of drugs results in a deficiency in serotonin. A nonpharmacological means of enhancing the brain serotonin levels without side effects as an alternative for using a drug is a fragrance from incense, which assists it to flow.

Kills Bacteria and Purifies the Air

Other than slowing decomposition, myrrh incense directly terminates microbes and bacteria. In crowded places, myrrh incense is used to prevent the outspread of contagious diseases caused by bacteria through purifying the air. Incense decreases bacterial count by 68% and boosts the immune system to produce more white blood cells that help in reducing the bacteria as well. Incense burning through test-tube trials proved to cure the drug-resistant illness that persists even after administering antibiotics—for example, Lyme bacterial disease and other contagious microbial illnesses.

Help in Yoga Practice

As a complement to Frankincense, when myrrh is burned, the two have unmatched power as they extensively help in expanding inner wisdom, healing, and meditation. This is important in Yoga practice. If you are looking forward to opening to the reality, the truth, and cleansing of your mind, highly consider myrrh incense as it supposedly has spiritual connections. Myrrh has its origin in the Middle East and North African countries, anciently used in the civilization in Israel, Egypt, the Middle East, and Europe.

Increases Mindfulness and Happiness

The nostril has a direct passage to the brain. This stimulates the limbic system when the myrrh incense finds its way to the brain. The scent helps in the release of important brain chemicals that are associated with bliss, calmness, and happiness. By the fragrance passing through the nasal passage, it gives remedy to flu and reducing blood pressure naturally. These promote a great sense of consciousness and mindfulness of your surroundings.

To sum up, though research on myrrh incense benefits is limited, there many reasons to seek the use of myrrh incense as it proves highly valuable to human health. Its importance serves beyond simply fragrance production. It has a long history of service to human existence for its unique ability to connect one through dimensions of spirit, mind, and body with healing essence to each. Therefore, it is important to embrace the value of myrrh incense for the betterment of your health.