Best Crystals for Grounding


It is very important to be grounded, especially for people who are practicing meditation.

Fortunately, there are many crystals that can help with grounding. Here is a list of them:

Black Obsidian

Black obsidian will ground anyone, and it does not need to be cleansed. It also protects against negativity.


Calcite is an extremely powerful stone that grounds spiritual energy into the earth chakra.


Selenite is a great stone for any healer or sensitive person because it amplifies the vibrations around you while keeping your own vibration at a high level, thus preventing you from absorbing other people’s energies.

Healer’s Gold

Healer’s gold has the power to heal both the person who uses it and those around them, as well as protect against negativity.


Garnet is a very grounding gemstone that will boost personal energy levels while protecting one from negative vibrations.


Carnelian will raise your vibration level while also making you more grounded because it balances the root chakra. It also helps you think clearer and protects against negative energy of any kind.


This stone provides protection for its bearer, but can also bring about peaceful feelings by calming the mind. It is good for anyone who feels overly agitated due to an overactive mind or too many chaotic thoughts bouncing around.


Lepidolite will protect against electromagnetic radiation and the harmful rays of electronic equipment while calming both the bearer and those around him/her. It also helps with insomnia.


Citrine is an extremely powerful crystal that will attract positive energy to its bearer, causing them to become more grounded at the same time.


Kunzite calms emotions, prevents nightmares, brings peace of mind, dissipates negative energy, heals emotional wounds and removes guilt. It can also be used during meditation because it enhances psychic abilities and mental clarity.


This stone draws negativity into itself so that once you cleanse it, the negativity is released and cannot come back. It also helps you to be grounded and enhances self control, creativity and emotions.


This stone purifies your body while enhancing mental clarity and strengthening your immune system. Other than that, it prevents nightmares and protects against negativity of any kind.

Carnelian Agate

Carnelian agate will protect its bearer from negative energy of all kinds including psychic attacks. It will also enhance creativity and improve one’s mood while preventing insomnia at night.

Blue Tiger’s Eye

Blue tiger’s eye removes negative vibrations while keeping a positive balance between thought and action by turning ideas into reality so they can manifest in a positive way for the owner.


Sunstone will help you connect to the Earth’s energy, which is very grounding all by itself. It brings out the best in people so it is good for both spiritual and physical healing.


Howlite has calming qualities that help with stress relief, anxiety, anger management and restlessness. It also helps one think of new ideas more clearly.


This stone will protect its owner from negative energies while purifying his/her thoughts and feelings of any negativity they might have. It also enhances sleep patterns and aids in dream recall after sleep has begun.

Green Aventurine

Green aventurine protects against environmental pollution as well as pollutants inside your home or office building making it ideal for those who constantly have to deal with high levels of stressful energy. It also has healing properties and is said to be beneficial for the heart.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli will protect its bearer from negative energy, prevent nightmares, bring peace of mind and enhance intellectual thinking.


Sodalite relaxes your body while giving you mental clarity along with enhanced communication skills including honesty, truthfulness and openness. This stone is good for mood swings as well as addiction problems.


Celestite removes negative energies by dissolving them in the atmosphere where they cannot harm anyone ever again. It also enhances one’s psychic abilities, intuition and spiritual connection with nature at the same time protecting against environmental pollution.

Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan pink salt will negatively ionize the air around it making it look like a smokey grey color. This stone will keep your energy grounded while also having purifying effects on both you and the environment you are in. It is good for cleansing crystals too.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz does not hold negative energy but instead releases any negative vibrations from within itself by grounding them deep within the Earth’s crust where they cannot harm anyone ever again. It can be used to protect against environmental pollution as well, which makes it great for people who work with computers all day long or spend a lot of time in big cities with high levels of stress and anxiety around them.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline absorbs negative energy from the environment as well as your body. It is a very deep grounding stone that will provide protection from environmental pollution as well as any negative vibes you might be getting from others.

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