Best Crystals for Forgiveness


Crystals are said to have all sorts of different properties – some believed to be healing, others believed to have protective qualities. The list goes on. One of the most important things for any person looking into crystals is finding the right one for their needs, which can sometimes include forgiving someone or something.

Here are the best crystals for forgiveness:


Hematite grounding, centering, embracing your strength and ability to forgive yourself for past mistakes.


Amethyst promotes peace of mind and clarity which helps you to feel more grounded and connected with the earth. It releases anxiety and nervous tension that leads to forgiveness. It can also soften anger or resentment from within so that it dissipates instead of being held onto as a negative force in your life.


Dumortierite clears away anger, resentment, fear and depression so only love remains. It’s an especially good stone for clearing people who have hurt us out of our energy fields so we can let them go with love instead of keeping them in our lives where they will continue to drain our energy every time we think about them.


Iolite stimulates the third-eye and crown chakras to enhance psychic abilities as well as compassion, love and wisdom. It promotes a sense of deep inner peace that encourages forgiveness from within so you don’t have to seek it from others.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a stone of unconditional love that opens your heart chakra so that those who have harmed you can receive forgiveness without even having to ask for it because you send it automatically.

Clear Quartz

A clear quartz will amplify any other crystal’s powers but also acts as a neutralizing force so if you have multiple crystals in one place, this one will bring all their energies into harmony with each other rather than conflict. This is a helpful stone to use to bring about forgiveness.

Hematite granite

This is a granite that has specks of hematite in it which are grounding stones that will help you release the past and forgive yourself, calm any fears or anxieties you may have and soften anger or resentment. When combined with amethyst, this stone will release anxiety and nervous tension which helps you to feel more grounded to forgive yourself for past mistakes. It can also be used on its own if these other crystals are unavailable.

Stonehenge Bluestone Paving

This beautiful blue paving stone contains plenty of quartz within it so it’s an excellent choice to place outdoors where it can absorb positive energy the sun during the day and the moonlight at night. It’s a powerful symbol of healing and forgiveness that can be placed outside to absorb these energies before you carry them within to cleanse your own energy field.


The bright color of carnelian is associated with life force energy which will help you forgive yourself for past mistakes, release anger or resentment and stop dwelling on the past so you can move on to more positive future experiences. It stimulates your root chakra to release negative emotions of all kinds which are replaced with love, self-aware confidence and courage. This is an excellent crystal to use if you are having difficulty forgiving others or feel anger against someone who has hurt you in some way.

Cross Stone

This stone contains quartz within it which enhances psychic abilities, strengthens the mind and body as well as compassion, love and wisdom. It can bring comfort to those who are burdened by guilt or shame from past actions that they’ve taken that they are now ashamed of which is an excellent source of forgiveness.


This stone contains quartz within it which enhances psychic abilities, strengthens the mind and body as well as compassion, love and wisdom. It creates a feeling of wholeness so you don’t feel separate or disconnected from others which will help you feel more stable mentally so you have no urge to seek revenge for any perceived slights against you. This is helpful if someone has hurt you in some way but presses your buttons that feeling that they are out to get you which doesn’t help your mental state or ability to forgive.

Green Kyanite

This stone has a green color with blue and white streaks throughout it that represents the trinity of mind, body and spirit. It boosts higher vibrations for spiritual healing work so you can release any anger out of your system, ready yourself for forgiveness and radiate love from within. This is an important crystal if you’re working on forgiving someone who has harmed you in some way because it will require spiritual assistance rather than just mental clarity.

Iris Quartz Crystal

The iris quartz crystal contains plenty of iron which stimulates the root chakra that controls your sense of stability and belonging so wherever you place this crystal it will remind you where you come from and that it doesn’t matter what has happened in the past, you can always go forward into a brighter future. This is an excellent crystal to use if you are trying to forgive your parents for any perceived wrongdoing but feel like they’ve imposed too many rules on you which makes it difficult to move on.


This stone will help you stop dwelling on past mistakes or arguments with loved ones so you can bring yourself back into the present moment ready for positive action. It stimulates the crown chakra that brings higher vibrations into your being so you feel more connected to others and have compassion for their actions because everyone’s just doing their best, even if they aren’t aware of its impact on around them.


This stone helps you release negative emotions that are holding you back from experiencing new love in your life. It stimulates the heart chakra for emotional balance, grounding and compassion which helps you to be gentle with yourself as well as mindful of other people who may have hurt you. This is a great crystal to use if you feel like someone has betrayed your trust or broken your heart because it will help bring an end to any ideas about revenge and allow you to move on positively.


This stone contains lots of quartz within it so it can help activate the crown chakra where higher vibrations reside that boost self-awareness as well as intuition, making it easier to forgive others without overthinking their actions which is what usually leads to anger and resentment.


This stone contains plenty of manganese within it which stimulates the root chakra for grounding, physical stability along with willpower so if someone has hurt you badly then this crystal will help you get your feet back on the ground ready to forgive and move forward into a happier life.

Tigers Eye

This stone represents the trinity of mind, body and spirit which enhances psychic abilities, strengthens the mind and body as well as compassion, love and wisdom. It’s useful for forgiving yourself if you’ve made mistakes in the past that have lead to anger because it can make you see things more clearly without all that negativity standing in your way. This is an excellent stone to use before forgiving someone else who has done something that might still be affecting you or causing problems with people around you.

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