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The topic of crystals has been surrounded by legends and stories for centuries. In our modern world, many people still have faith in the power of these stones to function as talismans or tokens of accomplishment. For the advancement of science and technology, however, modern tools have made it easier to learn about crystals—their composition, their properties, what they are good for, and how to use them.

Below we have listed some of the crystals that help improve intelligence.


Amethyst is a purple version of quartz. Amethyst has been used for centuries to help increase intelligence, focus, memory, and maintain positive energy. The amethyst’s high frequency purifies the aura of any lower vibrations. It is believed that amethyst can stimulate the third eye chakra which helps with intuitive awareness, imagination, and visualization.

Amethyst also brings order to chaos in the mind by organizing thoughts and making them more concrete.  It has long been used as a stone of spiritual protection because it repels negative energies while attracting good spirits.


Aquamarine is a beautiful blue-green color that looks great on any office desk or countertop . Aquamarine also known as sea sapphire is related to the astrological sign of Pisces, just like Amethyst is related to Virgo. Aquamarine is said to attract wisdom and prosperity.

Aquamarine has long been used as a talisman for courage, protection on journeys, cleansing on spiritual levels, clearing blockages in energy flow (chakras), releasing stress, dispelling fears and promoting inspiration. It can be used any time you need that extra bit of confidence or security.


Fluorite is a wonderful crystal that enhances mental ability by stimulating the brain cells and enhancing memory . It helps with learning new things while calming your mind allowing you ease when attempting to focus on studies or at hand. Fluorite is said to quickly dissolve emotional breakdowns and instill a sense of inner calm.

Blue Calcite

The color blue is associated with communication, trustworthiness, loyalty , stability, logic, and order. Blue calms the nerves allowing for mental clarity and organization . It gives one the ability to remain objective in difficult situations and provides common sense . Blue calcite can be used as a learning aid bringing information on a level that is easier to understand. Researchers have found that teaching logical thinking by using the blue crystals first will enable students to learn more effectively. A stress reliever, Blue calcite helps rid stress from studies or work allowing peace of mind so you can achieve your goals .

Green Apophyllite

Green apophyllite is a powerful aid to learning because of its ability to develop intellectual capacity, maintain mental clarity and sharpness , and has restorative properties for the mind. This crystal can also be used as a tool for dream analysis and past life recall. It is said that green apophyllite brings one into a state of peace which allows you to think more clearly about things that matter most .

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz has been used since ancient times as a power stone to amplify any energy or intention . In the realm of psychic abilities, clear quartz enhances telepathy , clairaudience [inward hearing], clairvoyance [inward seeing], psychometry [gift of touching an object knowing its history], scrying [ability of divination, such as using a crystal ball], and dream recall .

Clear quartz is also known for its ability to focus and amplify energy. Many who meditate with clear quartz find that it will increase the depth of their meditations and enhance their feelings of peace and clarity.


Tanzanite is a beautiful blue-violet stone especially made famous by its namesake , the great gemstone expert Robert Crowningshield. Tanzanite enhances communication in general allowing for an easier understanding of others’ needs . It allows you to develop your intuitive abilities while also encouraging self-confidence in order to allow these gifts to come forth . This crystal has been used by many psychics during readings because it raises your overall vibration .

Peacock Ore

Peacock ore is known for its ability to open up all levels of communication whether it be speaking with others or simply gaining knowledge through reading into things more deeply . Peacock ore is to enhance telepathy at different levels . It brings a lot of inspiration to the mind and heart , encouraging ones’ goals. This crystal is also known to be a powerful emotional healer because peacock ore allows for clarity in these areas which need attention, especially in regards to past lives.

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