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Our Favorite Meditation Headphones – Ultimate Buyers Guide

If you are looking to take your meditation game to the next level you can’t go past a great pair of meditation headphones.

There are a few different things I look at before purchasing new headphones to make sure I get the most out of my meditation sessions.

What to look for when buying a pair of headphones for meditation

1. Sound Quality

It’s very important that you have great sound quality in your headphones especially because you are probably using nature sounds and with great quality it can feel like you are actually outside in nature.

I would highly recommend a pair of headphones with great stereo sound.

2. Weight of the headphones

This is super important!

I had a great pair of over-ear stereo headphones that produced amazing sound quality but…

They were really heavy and when meditating for longer than 30 minutes my neck started to burn and I just felt uncomfortable which completely ruins the whole meditation experience.

You will eventually get used to the weight and it won’t affect you but if you don’t want to go through an adjustment period I would recommend in-ear headphones.

3. Going Wireless With Bluetooth

Many people prefer going wireless for their headphones but I actually prefer them to be plugged in, nothing frustrates me more when meditating than having the annoying beeping sound when the battery gets low.

Or even worse the battery is flat when I want to use them and I either have to try meditate without them or wait until later.

Not ideal, I want them to be good to go whenever I need them.

4. Brand

The brand of headphones is not always important but I like to get something reputable as I feel more safe knowing that it will be of high quality.

Another great thing about a trusted brand is that you quite often get a great warranty of about 1-2 years as standard.

I personally use Audio Technica which is my personal favorite right now.

5. Price

Price is probably the main reason you came here, it’s super important for most people and I generally recommend spending more if meditation is important to you.

However if you are just starting out maybe you want to get something cheaper and just get a feel for meditation to make sure it’s something you want to stick to.

We have a comparison of different brands of headphones below to help you make this choice.

6. Over Ear or In Ear Headphones?

I really like using over-ear headphones for my meditation practice as I find them to really cancel out all the noise and make sure I can get extremely focused.

These are of course more expensive in most cases but well worth it.

However you will make the trade-off of adding extra weight to them which may or may not be a good idea.

If weight is an issue definitely go with in-ear headphones otherwise over-ear might be better.

You’ll also want to think about other times you’ll be using the headphones and if you travel a lot then you may prefer a certain type over the other, I prefer in-ear for most traveling as it’s less obvious and I don’t particularly like the idea of everyone knowing that I can’t hear anything at all!