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Tektite Metaphysical Properties And Meaning

What Is Tektite?

Tektites are tiny, pebble-like glassy Earth element items, which a meteor strike has blasted, splattered up into the atmosphere, and fell back to Earth by gravity. As they partly melt on their way back, they frequently take on aerodynamic forms. Their term is derived from the Greek word tektos, which means ‘molten.’ The first documented mention of tektites was made around a thousand and fifty years ago by Liu Sun in China, who named them ‘Inkstone of the Thundergod.’

Tektite Composition

Tektite’s chemical compositions are comparable to those of greywacke (impure sandstone), granite, or soils of the same compositions, as they contain high concentrations of silica (68 to 82 percent) with 10-14 percent alumina and far less potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, and titanium.

These elements did not have ample time to mix and create crystals but instead froze rapidly to become glass. Tektites are devoid of water. They could be confused for black volcanic glasses (pitchstone) or obsidian, but they release some moisture when heated.

Their density ranges from 2.2 (Libyan glass) to 2.8 (Moldavites), but they are typically 2.4 to 2.5 grams per cubic centimeter. This is a bit lighter in weight compared to quartz beach sand.

Human-made artifacts, especially black buttons, glass marbles, and molten bottle glass, can be confused for tektites. Many of them will lack the right curved rims, balanced colors or patterns, found in genuine tektites, whereas others will be excessively light or too heavy.

Where Is Tektite Found?

Tektites have only been discovered in a few places around the globe, in extensive expanses known as scattered fields, primarily in low latitudes. South-east Asia (particularly the Philippines and Thailand), Ivory Coast (West Africa), and Australasia; Caribbean-North America; are the three key regions.

Other regions include the Czech Republic (Bohemia); Laos; Kwantung Province (China), Slovakia (Moravia); Mauritania (Africa), Dalat (South Vietnam); and Malaysia.

Tektite Colors And Appearance

The colors of Tektites range from grey, brown, green, and black to yellow-grey glass that is translucent to opaque. Moldavites are normally green, whereas Australites are dark brown or black.

Tektite Zodiac Sign

Tektite stones are generally linked with the AriesCancer zodiac sign

Tektite Hardness

Tektites have a hardness of 6 to7 9 (out of 10) on the Moh’s scale

Tektite Chemical Formula


Tektite Is A Stone That Has Synergies With

Which Chakras Does Tektite Help Balance?

Tektite’s energy can enhance energy, harness the aura, boost one’s vibrations, and eliminate energy blockages in the lower Chakras, primarily the Crown Chakra. As a result, it is an excellent stone for anybody desiring spiritual progress. In addition, it can create a connection between lower and higher Chakras, allowing energy to flow freely all through the body.

Tektite Meaning

Tektites have an extremely high frequency, allowing one to raise their consciousness to other dimensional levels. For example, when you touch someone, your internal energy begins to rise, and your mind becomes a receiver for arriving wisdom from outside. Everyday synchronicities, deja vu episodes, dream work, and enhanced psychic and cognitive capabilities are ways for this knowledge to enter our domain.

The angels above, your elestial defenders, and spirit guides are the foundation of this information. These creatures have been around you from birth, with others joining you along the way. Their mission is to assist you in growing and directing your mind in the proper path, enabling you to experience the most elevated form of yourself. Intense meditation allows one to recognize these indicators and when to proceed with executing the abrupt shift.

Metaphysical Properties Of Tektite

Where To Buy Tektite Stones/Crystals?

It can be tough to get a local store that sells a wide variety of crystals and stones. As a result, utilizing Amazon is by far the simplest and most effective option to obtain your crystals and stones in a day or two, based on where you reside.


The longer an individual interacts with Tektite, the more powerful its capabilities develop. Therefore, the period spent in that individual’s energy field determines the strength of the bond between such a person and the stone.

The capabilities of this stone to boost psychic sensitivity, lucid dreaming, and astral travel, as well as the potential of reducing the barrier in dimensions, demonstrate the advantages of a deep bond with Tektite. Besides, Meditating with Tektite is considered to elevate one’s awareness past existing constraints.

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