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Opal Metaphysical Properties And Meaning

What Is Opal?

The name ‘opal’ derives from the Latin word ‘opalus,’ meaning ‘precious stone.’ Opal stone has been known as ‘Eye Stone’ from ancient times and is prized for its flashes, color variation, and luminosity. This gemstone is devoted to the eye and is one of the most pleasing gemstones, inspiring purity, hope, love, good fortune, innocence, happiness, and tranquility. The Romans regarded it as a precious stone because it combines the flame of Garnet, the green color of Emerald, and the purple hue of Amethyst.

Opal crystal is most recognized for its capability to bring out positive features and characteristics in people. It is said that Opal stone may pick up on and intensify a person’s ideas, wishes, sentiments, and emotions. Negative sentiments and feelings grabbed by Opal crystal, while unpleasant and distressing, are simpler to comprehend, integrate, and resolve. This stone will aid and help you do away with negativity and bothersome feelings.

Opal Composition

Opal has a varied composition. Chemically, it is characterized as a hardened silica gel containing water. The water content ranges from 1 to 21 percent. But for the precious opal, it ranges between 6 and 10 percent.

Where is Opal Found?

The opal gemstone is Australia’s national gemstone. Australia generates over 97 percent of the world’s supplies. However, the gemstone can also be found in the Czech Republic, Mexico, Slovakia, Brazil, UK, Canada, Southern Africa, and Nevada, USA.

Because it is generated in a sedimentary setting, Australian opal is exceptionally resistant to shattering. Water can be absorbed by opal gemstones created through volcanic processes. These are more likely to shatter and collapse.

Opal Colors And Appearance

Opal is one of the most brilliant gemstones globally, and it may be found in orange, blue, brown, white, yellow, red, pink, green, gray, and black. It can also be translucent, opaque, and transparent.

Given the variety of hues, it is easy to see why there are so many Opal varieties, but there are three primary types:

Opal Zodiac Sign

Opal is not related to a single zodiac sign, but it has a strong affinity with Cancer. Others include Scorpio, Pisces, and Libra.

Opal Hardness

Opal has a hardness of 5.5 to 6

Opal Chemical Formula

SiO2. nH2O- a hydrated form of silica

Precious Opal Is A Stone That Has Synergies With

Which Chakras Does Opal Help Balance?

Because opal gemstones may be found in every rainbow color, distinct gemstone varieties connect to various chakras. Many Opals have a vivid color play useful for activating numerous chakras and connecting them to the Crown Chakra, flooding the aura with complete spectrum Light for health.

Opal Meaning

Opal has been used for ages for its healing properties, and people identify it with a variety of characteristics. This stone is thought to bring protection and tranquility, and it is excellent for relieving stress and sadness. It is excellent for calming racing thoughts and the mind. Using this stone will improve your sleep and keep nightmares and bad dreams at bay. It is perfect for youngsters who have fictitious pals or who have difficulty falling asleep.

Opal is one of the finest stones for security, acting as a powerful screen from negative thoughts and energy. If you would not want to be seen or observed, this stone is claimed to empower you with ‘the mask.’ This gemstone is the finest gift for expectant ladies since it connects with the Divine Feminine energy. It is an excellent stone for moral support, and it is frequently linked with sexuality, strong desire, passion, and love.

Metaphysical Properties Of Opal

Where To Buy Opal Stones/Crystals?

It can be difficult to find a local business that sells a diverse range of crystals and stones. As a result, using Amazon is by far the easiest and most effective way to get your Opal crystals and stones in a day or two, depending on your residential location.


Opal is a stone of empathy and compassion, trust and purity of mind. The gemstone has potent energies which can help you in a variety of ways.

This stone’s energies will assist you in accepting your life’s trials and overcoming your challenging times. It is a mental and emotional soother, which will reawaken your sense of purpose in life.

Opal will lift your spirits and free your emotions. It will assist you in discovering and manifesting your life’s mission. Its powers will awaken your spirit and help you discover your life path.

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