Best Crystals for a New Home


Crystals are a good way to make yourself feel at home in a new place. They can be placed anywhere and will radiate energy, clearing negative energy from the space and replacing it with positive vibes. The best crystals for a new home all have different characteristics that will help you transition into your new space. Here is a list of some of the best crystals for a new home.


Amethyst is known to increase spirituality and heighten psychic ability. It also repels lower energies, clears the aura, and brings peace and calm to a cluttered environment.

In general, purples and pinks rejuvenate, green works with fertility and abundance issues, blue and indigo promote healing and relaxation and red stimulates motivation and strength of will.


Aventurine is a wonderful stone for new beginnings as it encourages prosperity in all things. Its energy may be called upon for assistance in manifesting dreams into reality as well as finding solutions to problems that arise during this process. Aventurine balances the mind as well as the emotions by cleansing negative thoughts which hinders progress towards goals or creates self-doubt and worry.

Aventurine is a good energy for group work as it brings harmony, balance and peace of mind to all who gather. Aventurine has been used as a worry stone and in many cultures for good luck in games of chance. It’s also worn by gamblers in the belief that it will bring money into their lives.


Calcite is excellent when you are trying to manifest dreams, goals or opportunities because it keeps an energy of intense focus running strong in your aura fields. It amplifies the energies being sent forth so they are stronger when they reach their goal or return back to you after being executed energetically. This stone may be called upon for assistance with all types of new beginnings, including business endeavors. It is also known as the “Stone of the Will” and helps keep your thoughts aligned with your goals or desires during any new beginning process.

Calcite cleanses negative thoughts from the aura by pushing them through the first chakra into the earth for removal. This stone dispels confusion and enhances mental function by clearing away foggy thinking, helping you to see more clearly what direction needs to be taken next in order to bring about positive change in your life. Calcite also amplifies personal power so that it radiates outward into everyday activities – this can include sexual confidence as well as self-confidence generally.


Fluorite is very useful for people who need to make decisions about their lives. Its energy helps to build a strong sense of self-confidence and also provides a shield against undesirable elements that do not support your new beginnings. Fluorite is excellent for those who have been holding back from making changes in their lives as it stimulates the development of self-esteem, encouraging you to take chances and risks as well as gain the respect of others as you move forward into your next phase or cycle in life.

Fluorite is an excellent stone for group work because its energy builds team spirit so that tasks can be accomplished with ease plus there is less bickering and infighting among members. It’s also used to diminish fearfulness so that those involved can see past any obstacles that are in their paths.


Garnet is a gemstone of passion, desire and intense motivation – it’s not surprising that this brilliant orange-red stone can be used to increase ambition or assist with bringing about personal changes. Garnet absorbs the life force within the earth, storing this energy for use when we need it most. Its force increases our feelings of personal power and boosts self-esteem while adding enthusiasm and encouragement to any new beginning process.

Garnet can be useful if you feel your efforts aren’t producing desired results as its energy helps you focus on what isn’t working so you may make corrections while keeping sight of your goals at all times. This makes garnet an excellent stone for business ventures as well as other types of work such as home improvement, relationships and learning new skills.


Jade is a wonderful stone for manifesting the dreams you hold in your heart as it brings hidden thoughts to the surface so they can be examined and brought into reality if desired by you. Jade boosts self-esteem and encourages feelings of generosity, helping those who wear or carry it to surround themselves with supportive people – this makes jade a great stone for those involved in networking as well as those who simply want to attract abundance into their lives without feeling selfish about receiving benefits from others. Jade assists those who need to make changes in their daily routines because, when added to any process it helps you put more intention behind all your actions as well as helps you make those changes more permanent.


This stone is a powerful grounding force that boosts fertility and supports new beginnings of all kinds, including home improvement projects or starting a family. Malachite stimulates the first chakra to bring strength and stability to any situation plus it absorbs negative energy from an area while purifying it on a spiritual level so that this energy can be redirected back to its original positive state. Malachite is also useful for making changes in the home as it assists with communication between partners so discussions are easier and issues can be resolved amicably. It’s also very helpful for getting rid of barriers such as outdated methods of thinking or behavior patterns that longer serve you but which have been preventing you from making any progress.

Malachite is a great stone for those who feel stuck in their lives or homes as it provides the impetus to make changes. It’s also very useful for creating a calm and relaxed atmosphere in your living space by discouraging things such as clutter, which might be overstimulating to those involved.


This stone is a powerful aid for overcoming negative habits or unhealthy patterns of behavior that have been preventing you from moving ahead with life – maybe you always pick up someone else’s mess but never seem able to tidy up after yourself, or perhaps you tend to rock back and forth on your feet when under stress even though this pattern has caused many injuries over the years so why do you keep doing it? Whatever the nature of these habits, moonstone can help you break free and it does so by helping you uncover what’s at the core of each problem so you can come up with a solution.

Moonstone is also helpful for those who want to move their lives or homes to a different level as it encourages us to take stock of our lives and resolve issues which might be holding us back from reaching the success we desire. It provides clarity on all matters plus it enhances intuition and psychic abilities, making it easier for those involved to access guidance that will assist them in attaining their goals.


This stone assists with seeing problems as they truly are, not as we believe them to be, which helps everyone involved see new opportunities that were previously hidden from view. Sunstone is a wonderful stone for relationships as it alleviates arguments and encourages communication based on love, peace and tolerance – if you have children, but you’re constantly fighting with your partner then sunstone can help resolve this issue so everyone feels they are important to each other.

Sunstone is great for starting new projects or taking steps toward achieving goals because it also provides the support necessary for overcoming any obstacles in our way by infusing us with courage along with an invigorating burst of energy so we feel empowered enough to take action. When used in connection with home improvement projects, sunstone helps the environment and everyone involved become more peaceful and harmonious while giving birth to something beautiful.

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