Best Crystals for Memory


What is the best crystal for memory? There are so many different crystals used to enhance memory. Many people ask this question because it can be very confusing. So I have compiled a list of crystals for improved memory and the memories they will help you remember more or clear out any brain fog you have.


Amethyst is related to the power of inner strength and self-healing. Amethyst is a powerful crystal to use when you want to make sure you keep your emotions in check, as well as keep yourself calm and peaceful during sleep.

Amethyst is also used to access psychic abilities such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and channeling abilities. It has been said that amethysts will help you gain wisdom and insight which can lead to enhanced memory.


Pyrite has been known as the memory stone since ancient times because it enhances cognitive ability and concentration. The stone not only increases mental clarity it improves your mental processing speed as well as memory formation.

Pyrite also enhances your physical strength which is why the stone has been nicknamed, “The Caveman’s Stone”, and there is some belief that it can improve athleticism and muscle coordination. Furthermore, pyrite sharpens senses and focus so you will not only remember things better but be more aware of what you are doing and experiencing through heightened energy and awareness.

Quartz Crystal

Clear quartz crystals have a powerful ability to amplify whatever they come in contact with such as thoughts, energies, psychic impressions, etc… Even if there was no power in whatever it comes into contact with then due to its natural properties of amplifying things it would still be effective (just not as strong). Quartz crystals are believed to enhance memory because of their ability to amplify energy and thoughts.


Azurite is an excellent stone for memory improvement, mental clarity, focus, and concentration. This crystal also promotes deep meditation which can help you learn how to effectively use your different types of intelligence for enhanced learning. Azurite calms the mind by stimulating alpha brain waves that produce a state similar to daydreaming. The calming effects of this crystal allow you to keep your cool during potentially stressful situations so you can think rationally about whatever it is that you are trying to remember or accomplish.


Opals have always been considered lucky and magical stones that bring joy, hope, and love into your life. Ancient cultures believed opal brought the wearer wisdom, eternal youth, and prosperity.

The gemstone is also an excellent stone for memory improvement because it absorbs the thoughts and feelings of those around you as well as enhances your own awareness. It can even redirect negative energy back to its source which is why opals are very popular in jewelry today.

Lapis Lazuli

This royal blue semi precious gemstone has been associated with truth since ancient Babylonian times when kings used lapis lazuli in seals to symbolize their authority and integrity. This brain boosting gemstone is excellent for enhancing memory due to the stone’s ability to absorb thoughts, feelings, and stress of those around you. Lapis Lazuli also has a tendency to stimulate the third eye chakra which enhances intuition and creative thinking.


Turquoise gets its name from an old French word that means “Turkish”. While this may have come about because of the belief that turquoise originated in Turkey it most likely came about because trade routes used by merchants during the middle ages connected Europe with Turkey. It is believed that Turkish traders were some of the first people to sell turquoise on an extensive scale.

This beautiful blue-green stone was popular among ancient Egyptians who wore it in jewelry as early as 12,000 B.C. It was also popular among ancient American Indian cultures who prized it for its mystical properties, which are still being discovered today.

Turquoise is excellent for memory improvement because of the stone’s ability to absorb negative energy and stress from those around you so that you can remain calm even when others cannot. This allows you to think rationally under pressure and remember things long enough to share them with others which is why it is often worn by teachers and other professionals who must be prepared at all times for any questions or situations that may arise during their work day.

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