Best Crystals for Wisdom


Everyone has heard of crystals and their unique energy that can affect your chakras. Some people believe in the power of crystals to bring good luck, but they may not realize how many different types there are, or all of the ways in which they can be used. There is a crystal for just about every purpose imaginable, from love and lust to protection and wisdom. If you are looking for a crystal to increase your wisdom, here is a list of the best crystals for wisdom out there.

Clear quartz

Clear quartz is a stone of wisdom and good fortune. It enhances mental clarity, memory, concentration, psychic abilities and connection with the angelic realm. It promotes positivity, opens intuition and eases stress. Clear quartz has been used an aid to reach decisions or finding solutions since ancient times. This crystal can be programmed with intention and used for healing.

Clear quartz is also associated with progress, which makes it a great crystal to use when studying or undergoing any sort of self-improvement. It has been said that wearing clear quartz crystals can help one achieve their goals quicker and more effectively.


Fluorite increases the wearer’s wise judgment, decision making capabilities and inner strength. The stone will balance energies, cleansing negative thought forms from the aura while supporting positive thoughts generated by the conscious mind. Fluorite stimulates latent talents and assists in understanding situations that have no obvious answer. This crystal brings order out of chaos, helping those who are overwhelmed by new projects or current problems to see them more clearly and ahead confidently with resolution of these obstacles.

Iron pyrite

Iron pyrite, also known as ‘Fool’s gold’ is a stone of intellect. Promotes contemplation and understanding. This crystal can be used to eliminate negative thoughts and self-limiting beliefs. It provides the wearer with mental strength and sharpness, allowing them to see both sides of an argument before making decisions. Iron pyrite is especially helpful for those who tend to worry about things they shouldn’t or make assumptions that may not at all be true; it will help one stop catastrophizing situations or imagining outcomes which aren’t even possible.

Sapphire (blue)

Blue sapphire uplifts and calms, promoting inspiration and introspection. It assists in communication with spirits, guides and other beings on the other side. Blue sapphire is also very protective, cleansing negative energies from the area in which it is placed.

Smoky quartz

Smokey quartz helps to ground excess energies. It promotes spiritual protection and purification. This crystal can help release negative thoughts or memories, removing them like smoke before they take root. It cuts attachments to people, places and things that are preventing us from moving forward in life; this stone will shield against psychic attack while removing any ties to past experiences that may still be troubling the present moment with negativity or sorrow. Traditionally worn by priests to protect themselves during rituals involving contact with untoward forces, smoky quartz brings inner peace by clearing away stress and tension-causing blockages that prevent spiritual growth.

Rainbow obsidian

Rainbow Obsidian is a stone of truth and insight, bringing clarity to any situation which leaves the wearer feeling refreshed and renewed. This stone is good for providing stability during times of change so one isn’t overcome with an inability to cope or adapt. It can be used to release negativity and balance mind and body while providing support during challenging life changes such as divorce, death, moving or loss of employment. Rainbow obsidian is also associated with courage, which makes it beneficial in situations where we must find our own inner strength in order endure difficult circumstances or confront problems head on rather than running away from them.


Bloodstone attracts abundance and prosperity; this crystal will promote business success as well as financial stability. Bloodstone is a powerful healing stone which can reduce stress and calm those who are easily angered or over-worked. It stimulates the mind, heightening cognitive abilities while increasing motivation to achieve one’s full potential. Traditionally, bloodstone was worn by soldiers to prevent fatigue on the battlefield; it increases endurance, strength and stamina so that we may feel empowered enough to take on any difficult task with perseverance.


Turquoise is the stone of friendship, representing unconditional love. It heals and soothes, removing negative vibrations caused by disharmony between people whether it be in relationships at home or work. Turquoise encourages loyalty and trustworthiness within groups or communities; this crystal can promote harmony between different approaches to life while supporting the resolution of conflicts that arise with tact and consideration for others. It always creates a positive outcome without judgement about who is “right” or “wrong”.

Black tourmaline

Black tourmaline protects against negativity of any kind while dispelling fears about past hurts or current difficulties trusting that only good will come from every situation. It increases self-confidence, banishing complexes which prevent moving ahead in life while promoting attractiveness. Black tourmaline not only increases mental capacity but also enhances creativity, making it an excellent stone for artists who wish to dissolve creative blocks or increase inspiration during challenging times.


Citrine strengthens self-confidence and self-esteem while attracting abundance; it can provide emotional stability when dealing with other people by restoring inner peace in chaotic situations without feeling overwhelmed or distressed. Citrine generates positive vibrations which dispel negative influences of any kind.

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