Best Crystals for Transformation


It’s a great idea to use crystals for transformation because you get the added benefit of their metaphysical properties, which can help you grow spiritually while at the same time physically.

The crystals listed below are all fairly inexpensive and readily available in stores rather than online.

You should never go into a store that is selling crystals and try to buy them without knowing anything about them.

Clear quartz

Clear quartz is a very powerful stone, it is believed to help with clarity of thought and attracts positive energy. It assists in the renewal of body, mind and soul.


Amethyst is a meditative and calming stone which works to provide clarity, perception and concentration. It enhances intuitive awareness as well as creativity and helps with clear communication of one’s feelings.


Sapphire increases wisdom, truth seeking and veers away from falsehoods through the promotion of virtue. It dispels anger, rage, greed and other negative emotions by bringing about love or passion where it previously has been absent or non-existent.


Lepidolite provides an energy protective shield against negativity sent out by others but especially yourself; it can help in overcoming fears and phobias, aid restlessness and sorrowful homesickness It also promotes inner strength rather than weakness.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz helps to open the heart, it enhances self-love and acceptance by letting go of resentment, pain and sorrow from past rejections or betrayals that have been experienced. It creates a sense of peace, compassion and love.


Aquamarine calms nervous agitation as well as anxiety allowing one to gain deep wisdom through dreams. It is also used for courage in facing challenges as well as calming emotional storms; boosts spiritual awareness when confronted with any situation where there is confusion or uncertainty; helps heal unresolved grief issues; attracts wealth and prosperity into your experience.


Citrine is a heart-opener that provides for emotional release and expression. It brings in the energy of optimism and good will, allowing you to let go of resentment and replace fear with love; it promotes transformation through letting go of negative thoughts which in turn causes positive mental outlooks. It also draws wealth and prosperity into one’s experience by releasing attachment to money or material objects while attracting success and abundance without greediness.

Green/blue tourmaline

Green/blue tourmaline assists in developing psychic awareness in regards to healing others as well as receiving guidance from within oneself. It helps resolve misunderstandings which hinder connection between people thus forcing acceptance where there was once rejection or hatred. Increases sensitivity to energies around oneself and the ability to be aware of these energies.


Opal enhances one’s imagination, inspiration and creativity by allowing you to experience a sense of self-worth; it allows for emotional liberation from past trauma or heartbreak which has been holding one back from experiencing new relationships or even ones with oneself. It is known as the stone of happy dreams and brings in soothing calmness during times of stress with its gentle calming effect.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli assists in gaining knowledge from higher forces, expanding wisdom and understanding where there may have been confusion or ignorance before; it also helps increase tolerance towards others mentalities that are not your own while showing ways to see things through another’s perspective without compromising what you feel is right. It encourages action towards achieving your goals by providing clarity where there may have been confusion or lack of motivation.

Red jasper

Red jasper brings about inspiration, endurance and willpower. It allows for one to be strong in times of adversity while grounding spiritual energies into the earth; it also helps decrease fear associated with change as well as transformation thus allowing for stability during personal evolution. Increases your capacity to love others unconditionally but especially yourself without expectation of return or neediness.


Carnelian provides courage at times when there is no way out and it’s time to face the music; it holds the energy of strength, determination and will-power whether you want or not because sometimes we don’t realize we’re about to take on more than we should; it can also be used to increase fertility.

Smoky quartz

Smoky quartz releases the desire for superficial pleasures while it increases detachment from material possessions thus allowing one to not need or want what they thought was necessary before; it provides protection against danger and helps release bad habits through crisis which causes reformation. It enhances ability to stay focused during difficult times while alleviating tension, discomfort or pain in any form be it mental, physical or emotional.

Black tourmaline

Black tourmaline banishes all forms of negativity giving courage when dealing with fears of all kinds whether real or imagined as well as protecting from negative energies by absorbing these vibrations into itself where they are neutralized instead of passing them on to you. It guards against all forms of danger whether spiritual, emotional or material thus providing stability in unstable times.

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