Best Crystals For Heartbreak


The majority of people who have experienced a broken heart can agree that it’s one of the most difficult times in their life. They may not say that they would wish this feeling on anyone, but there are those out there looking for ways to mend a broken heart as quickly as possible. Crystals and gems can help heal heart break if used as tools to strengthen the spirit and heal emotional damage.


Amethyst is often used in clearing away negative energy and to boost the spiritual realm. It is often used for detoxification, stomach or head aches, fever, eyesight problems, insomnia, arthritis, back pain and much more.

Amethyst is regularly seen as a stone to bring through spiritual awakening and awareness.

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Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is known as a stone of love and is appropriate of spreading loving energies of self-love, friendship, and romantic relationships. It raises vibrations during meditation and is helpful in finding peace within oneself. It enhances the ability to give/receive love from others on physical or spiritual levels.


Jasper helps with grounding and is a stone often used for protection. It is believed to give courage and to overcome fear. It makes it easier to connect with the physical plane.


Turquoise assists in creating change by releasing blockages from the chakras and meridians, along with boosting self-confidence. The stone’s properties help open up the mind to new ways of thinking and enhances intuition. In addition, turquoise removes negative energy that may have been acquired through the loss of a loved one or break-up.


Citrine crystal helps create balance between ones work/home life balance, as well as balancing the right/left side of the brain. It releases stress and light things up during difficult times, as well as increasing happiness and prosperity. Citrine is also used to cleanse other crystals.


This stone is often referred as a “Stone of Transformation.” It helps the soul find its true path in life, as well as removing fears that may be associated with making changes or going for a goal. Kunzite brings about emotional balance, empathy, and alleviates anxiety & tension.


The Pearl aids in opening up communication between people and can enhance pregnancy/birth/nursing experiences. In addition it helps rid the body of toxins and has been known to aid digestion problems like constipation or indigestion.


This stone is often used to bring out inner truth and is known as a “stone of courage.” It helps calm things down, especially taking one’s mind off worries or stress. Amazonite can also be used to increase willpower and enhance communication skills.


A gemstone of intuition and insightfulness, moonstones are great for understanding how we feel and why we behave the way we do. This stone allows us to gain perspective on our own emotions while helping us see solutions more clearly through heightened intuition. Moonstones welcome positive energy into our lives, encouraging happiness and good fortune by bringing balance to body systems.


Sodalite has been said to help with focus on goals/intentions and clarity of thoughts/communication. It is often used for detoxification, stomach problems, back pain, eyesight problems, arthritis and fever. This stone is great for grounding oneself when feeling scattered or out of touch with reality.

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