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5 Free Guided Meditations for Stress

One of the worst emotions one can experience is stress. When stressed, one gets overwhelmed quickly hence affecting your productivity significantly. Furthermore, stress overtakes one’s mind as well as tired your whole body. However, in the modern world, avoiding stress is without a doubt challenging due to our families, jobs, and other responsibilities we have to take care of. As a result, looking for ways to alleviate stress is vital; therefore, in this article, I shall be taking you through five free guided meditations for stress.

Five free guided meditations for stress

A five-minute guided meditation for relieving stress

If you feel overwhelmed with stress, then this five-minute video will be best for you. In this video, the YouTuber Yoga by Candace takes you through vital steps that aid in relieving stress. Here, you will learn how to perform yoga and meditate by controlling your breath. Various studies have proven yoga to be effective in reducing stress. Therefore, by practicing the steps discussed in this video, you will be able to reduce your stress within a short period.

A five-minute stress buster

This five-minute video is another top-notch stress relief guided meditation that will enhance your mood and get rid of stress with the utmost ease. In this video by The Honest Guys YouTubers, you will be able to step away from your stress for a few minutes. While it might involve yoga, in this video, you will use breathing techniques to enhance relaxation. Thanks to the incredible voice by the YouTuber, motivational talk, along calm ocean waves, you will be able to overcome your stress with ease after watching this amazing five-minute video.

10-minute meditation video

In this 10-minute meditation video by the Headspace YouTube channel, you will learn how to let go and reframe stressful situations. In addition to using the breathing technique, you will have to focus on the space around you without moving your eyes while practicing the breathing technique. During this process, you will be letting go of everything present in your mind. Putting more focus on your mind and body during this period, you will get rid of your stress with the utmost ease.

10-minute stress relief meditation video

Overcoming stress is everyone’s goal, and on this video by Weber on Mind Body Soul YouTube Channel, you will learn how to overcome that with ease. In this video, the YouTuber Weber will be taking you through a technique known as Nadi Shodhana or Anulom-vilom, a type of yoga specifically for alleviating stress and anxiety. The whole process is easy and very effective.

Stress and anxiety guided meditation

A great meditation is an incredible YouTube channel known for making some of the best videos for relieving stress, and this one is no different. Using breathing techniques, the video illustrates how you can overcome your stress by taking a deep breath and allowing your body as well as the mind to calm and relax effectively. With top-notch motivational quotes present in this video, you will be able to come out of your stress within no time.

Final thoughts

Stress comes in various forms, and getting rid of it can be overwhelming. However, by going through the videos discussed in this article, you will get rid of your stress with ease. As I conclude, I hope you have found this article beneficial as you look for ways to alleviate the stressful thoughts or experiences you are having.