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Do You Really Need A Meditation Cushion To Meditate?

Meditation has proved over time to be quite the cure that people resort to, for regaining that much needed positive energy. It is not only good for the spiritual and mental well being of individuals but also for the physical body as well. Much of the meditation techniques out there incorporate a particular sitting posture that is believed to increase positive outcomes from the practice. This is the lotus sitting position with crossed legs. It usually requires that you sit with your back, not supported by anything.

Sitting in this position for an extended period can be daunting if you decide to sit on a hard surface like the floor. That’s where the mediation cushions come in handy. Also known as Zafus, they have a wide range of meditation benefits that I am going to discuss in this article.

Here are the top 8 reasons you need a meditation cushion

1. Pain alleviation

If you have developed a wrong sitting position over the years, the chances are that you are likely to have back and joint pains if you sit for a prolonged period. The meditation cushion ensures that you put less strain on your lower back while at the same assists in keeping your knees in the right shape. Without the cushion, the curvature of the spines is compromised and will likely lead to future problems so in order to prevent back pain during meditation you’ll need the support. The cushion supports the right hip and knee positions, which reduces the pain likely to be felt. Also, if you’ve been having knee and back pains, the cushion will improve your posture and reduce the same. Therefore you can comfortably sit for long periods without having to worry about joint and back pains.

If you have severe back and joint pains and cannot sit for long, even on a cushion, then the mediation cushion can be your pillow, and you can meditate while lying down on either your back or side.

2. Portability

Having a meditation cushion is essential, as you can quickly move around with it. It is unbelievably light and can be carried with one hand. If you find the outside environment the best places to carry out your meditation sessions, then you can bring it to the open field and practice positive mindfulness while taking in the fresh air. This portability benefit is one excellent asset for having a meditation cushion. You can meditate in any room at home, outside the workplace, the garden, or the quiet sections of the park. What about if you are out with your kids for a picnic? Any place you can think of, you can carry it and be set up for a fulfilling meditation session.

There are also inflatable ones making it possible to carry in your pocket. This feature is excellent for college students who have hectic schedules and can, therefore, look for spare time to meditate during the day.

3. Improve posture

When meditating, people like sitting on the floor mostly on the carpet or using a yoga mat. What they don’t know is that this leads to bad posture while meditating. You are likely to bend your back, and the whole process shifts focus from the meditation to primarily improve your posture. You are, therefore, unlikely to reap the full benefits of mediation. With the meditation cushion, you will achieve the best sitting posture. You will find that you will raise your hips while rolling them forward, allowing you to relieve stress from your lower back. In this way, the spine will not bend and will align itself to the best position possible. The whole body, in turn, follows through, keeping you in the right posture as a result. Therefore your full mind will focus on the meditation rather than on your position.

4. It can double up as yoga props

If you are into yoga, then a meditation cushion comes in handy as you can use it for yoga practice. The whole point of meditation is improving the state of not only the soul and mind but also the body. Yoga improves your flexibility, making meditation even more fulfilling. Therefore if you need somewhere to rest your hands, legs, or knees during yoga, then you can transform your meditation cushion to a temporary yoga prop.

5. Helps to enforce your meditation practice

If you are a meditation newbie, then having something around the house that will get you in the mood for some meditation will be of great help. It works just the same way as the bed at home. If you lie on the bed for a few minutes, you’re likely to fall asleep as your brain’s wired that way. Therefore having a meditation cushion will likely trigger your mind that it’s time for meditation. This way, you are likely to have the most fulfilling meditation sessions.

Also, having one around will remind you of the many times you have sat on it and come out feeling much better. You are likely to, therefore, turn to meditation on your cushion when feeling the pressures of everyday life. Having a physical representation as a symbol of your practice will help you have gratitude for the same.

6. Reaching deeper levels of meditation

You are likely to reach deeper levels of meditation if you use a meditation cushion. It is particularly true for the ones who use the smart meditation cushions. There are technologically advanced cushions that monitor your heart and breathing rates helping you manage them effectively to improve your sessions. These cushions are for meditation enthusiasts who want to have the best sessions. They are backed up by smartphone applications that give you breathing and heart patterns in real-time, therefore enabling you to improve your mediation. The alerts from artificial intelligence will help you reach deeper levels and achieve the desired levels of peace and mindfulness.

7. Improves your longevity

Sitting on the cushion engages your muscles from your back to the hips and legs. Being able to do this daily will improve your balance as you will develop flexible legs and arms, ensuring that you form a strong core. As you get older, you will avoid the usual problems, such as falling and strains. You are likely to enjoy improved health due to increased strength in your muscles,

8. Better mind and body connection

Sitting on a comfortable cushion will likely result in more awareness between the body and mind. The lotus sitting position with legs crossed leads to a straight spine and relaxed shoulders, especially on a meditation cushion. If done right, it automatically sets your whole nervous system into a peaceful, self-aware mode. It ultimately results in the mind being in a resting state while the body is actually in an active sitting position. There is a reason why most people meditate in this sitting position, and if you can improve the whole process, then getting a meditation cushion is a great place to begin.

It is not a must to use a meditation cushion to meditate, but it can be highly effective in improving your meditation practice. You can rightfully argue that people have been meditating for ages even before meditation cushions were invented. However, what the cushions bring to the table is the right posture to help prevent back pain during meditation, and practice enforcement to enable you to practice meditation daily. A cushion will help in keeping your body straight and comfortable in the sitting position. This, in turn, relaxes your body and mind increasing your overall focus while meditating. I hope the above meditation cushion benefits will convince you to get one and watch as you improve your meditation practice.