Best Meditation Chairs, Benches & Stools – Our Top 12 Reviews


A meditation chair or bench is one of the meditation supplies that allows you to sit comfortably for long periods of time. It may look like an uncomfortable way to sit but trust me, it’s super comfy!

Over long periods of time, you won’t get any aches or pains due to the way the meditation chair helps you to sit upright and with your legs tucked underneath the stool you are not restricting blood flow or doing anything that could make your legs ache.

The biggest problem I have sitting on the floor or my bed with legs crossed is that after about 15 – 20 minutes I start to get pins and needles in my legs and they go a bit number because of the restriction of blood flow.

This is what influenced me to look into different ways of sitting and then I came across what’s called a Meditation Chair, Bench or Stool.

12 Meditation Chair & Bench Reviews

Below I have reviewed my favorite meditation benches and if you are determined to become better at meditation I strongly suggest you think about getting one for yourself. As they are generally made out of wood you may want to look at getting a good buckwheat meditation cushion instead.

1. Alexia Meditation Seat

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  • Main Features: ergonomic, very comfortable, vegan-friendly
  • Our Reviews: ★★★★★
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If you are looking to create a meditation room the Alexia Meditation seat is definitely the best choice.

Comfort is the key to a good meditation char and the Alexia delivers it in style.

This seat is so comfy that you will want to meditate for even longer than normal.

This seat provides everything you need for a great session as it was designed specificly for meditation use.

When you sit in this chair, you can really feel how good the support is and you immediately feel more relaxed.

I would highly recommend this chair for anyone with back problems as the support is amazing with the Alexia.

The only negative is that it’s not as easy to travel with as other seats due to the large size.

Ideally you will place this chair in a room dedicated for meditation and leave it there.

There are plenty of colors to choose from and natural egan friendly materials.

When searching for an ergonomical meditation chair, the Alexia is the best choice.


  • Strong and sturdy
  • Quite large
  • Made from high quality materials
  • Very comfy
  • Our favourite meditation chair that provides back support

2. Friends of Meditation Buddha Bliss Meditation Chair

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The Buddha Bliss Meditation chair is perfect for taking to retreats or sacred gathers (Satsang) which is what is was initially designed for.

When you go to a meditation retreat you’ll need something you can sit in comfortably for hours on end and the Buddha Bliss is a great choice.

I love how easy it is to take this chair traveling.

With it’s versatile, foldable design you can easily put it in the backseat of your car or in the trunk.

If you are a shorter person this chair will be perfect for you but for someone over 5ft 9in you may have issues with comfort.

The back support is great, just suited for shorter people unfortunately.

This chair also comes with a nice firm cushion that is super comfy.


  • Very comfortable
  • Perfect for shorter people (under 5ft 9in)
  • High quality materials
  • Great for extended meditation sessions

3. Malu Luxury Padded Floor Chair

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The Mulu Floor Chair is a great little chair but has more uses than just meditation.

You can use it in the home or even your office.

The cushion is so comfortable and you can use it for sitting or even lying down.

You’ll love taking it traveling as well.

There are 6 various positions you can use with this chair making it one of the most versatile including the ability to lay down on it.

It has a nice modern style with reinforced steel making it strong and sturdy to last a long time.

One thing I love about this chair is the removable cover as it makes cleaning it in the wash really quick and easy.


  • Super comfy
  • Easy to clean with removable cover
  • Great to take on travel adventures

4. Zen Comfort Memory Foam Cushion

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This meditation seat is great for better posture as it cradles your hips and uses a non-slip memory foam cushion.

With a very unique design and a bowling pin shaped center, you’ll fall in love with it’s design.

The uniquely shaped space in the center helps to increase ventilation and stop you and the cushion getting too hot during use.

If you like to keep a cool bum then this is the seat for you.

This zen seat is commonly used by people with pregnancy pain, prostate issues, hemorrhoids, sciatica or back pain.

If you suffer from any of those, you’ll want to give this seat a try.

Another great thing about this seat is that you can put it in a wheelchair if needed.


  • Very soft and comfortable with plenty of give in it
  • High quality build with versatile seats
  • Great for travel

5. Friends Of Meditation Large Relaxing Buddha Meditation And Yoga Seat

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This large relaxing Buddha meditation chair is perfect for taller people.

The seat was designed by a yoga teacher and Osho meditation teacher.

This seat is much more comfortable than a wooden meditation chair and is also large enough to use the lotus position if you like that.

With it’s great backrest people with lower back pain will absolutely love this chair because of it’s lower back support.

If you want to take your chair traveling this Osho chair comes with a free travel bag that the chair can fold into.

This is one of my favorite picks for taller people who love traveling and want something easy to take with them.


  • Ideal for tall people
  • Even though its quite big, it’s super easy to travel with

6. bonVIVO Easy III Padded Floor Chair

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With such a great design and beautiful unique look you can’t go past this great meditation seat.

This chair is large enough to allow you to use the lotus position as it has enough space for your feet due to it’s curved design.

The seat is also close to the ground allowing you to cross your ankles if that’s your preferred position.

This might not be my favourite meditation chair but it’s definitely one of the best looking ones.

While it does look amazing you can’t choose from many different colours which can be an issue.


  • Incredibly comfortable chair
  • Not too small
  • Beautiful unique design

7. Acacia Wood Meditation Bench

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This Acacia Wood Meditation Bench is a simple, well made bench that allows you to lift the weight off your legs so they don’t fall asleep during meditation.

Handmade with a nice minimalist look it’s much more comfy than you might think when you first see it.

If you enjoy kneeling meditation this will stop your legs going numb and allow you to meditate for as long as you want.

The position it puts you in is very natural and allows great blood flow through to your legs.

The cushion is nice and firm making sure that your bum doesn’t get sore during your meditation.

One unfortunate thing is that you can’t fold the bench up however it’s still really easy to take traveling.

A good thing about not folding is that it makes a much stronger more sturdy bench and you don’t have to worry about falling over.


  • Great selection of colours
  • High quality Acacia Wood
  • Strong and sturdy

8. Back Jack Floor Chair

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If you need a meditation chair to take with you while traveling or going to a retreat then this is the one for you.

Floor chairs are super compact and easy to take with you anywhere.

A floor chair offers great support similar to a regular chair but because of the design they are easy to pack-up and store away or take with you.

You’ll love how easy it is to throw in the car and take with you on a trip.

The very lightweight and small design make this my go-to meditation seat while traveling.

If you suffer from lower back problems the Back Jack Floor Chair’s beautiful ergonomic design makes it a perfect choice.

Some of the people who reviewed this chair also stated that it not only eliminates most of the back pain they felt while sitting, but they ended up getting rid of the pain altogether.

This ergonomic meditation seat has a minimalist design and is great to have hidden away in the little nooks of your house not as a main focal point.

If you need great support and want a chair that’s very reliable the the Back Jack Floor Chair should be one of your top choices.


  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Easy to take traveling and store
  • Great back support

9. Zabuton Zafu for Yoga and Meditation

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This Zabuton Zafu seat cushion has lots of support and is super comfortable.

It’s a very sleek, modern style and looks very zen-like.

With a similar feeling to a futon and great design this cushion allows you to meditate or read for long periods of time.

The material can feel a little slippery (sort of like leather if you get me) which is why I wouldn’t use it for something like hot yoga or other activities that get your heart rate going.

However if you are using it for reading or meditation you’ll love it and some people may need to add a little blanket or another cushion for comfort until they get used to it.

If you have wooden or tile floors this will help keep you warm and away from the floor while allows you to get more out of your sessions.


  • Great size
  • Perfect for both yoga and meditation
  • Beautiful design

10. Memory Foam Seat Cushion

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If you struggle to maintain great posture during meditation you’ll love the Memory Foam Seat Cushion as it offers lots of support and promotes great posture.

You can use the cushion on any surface you like such as a chair or the floor.

The underneath surface is slip-proof so you don’t have to worry about flying off the chair like you do with some others.

The great design of the chair promotes good ventilation and stops you getting too hot which is especially good during summer.

The thick memory foam is super comfy and compresses a bit when you sit on it but not too much.

If you want something simple that you can take traveling or move from room to room then the Zen Comfort Memory Foam Cushion will be ideal.

It’s also really easy to wash and store.


  • Helps improve your posture while meditating
  • Comes with it’s own storage bag
  • Extremely comfy!

11. Gaiam Rattan Meditation Chair

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The Gaiam Rattan Meditation Chair is perfect for those wanting a little more luxury in their meditation practice.

Made from high-quality Gaiam, you can’t go wrong with this one.

The chair uses a rattan base and has a tall back rest making it perfect for taller people.

With great ergonomic design and back support, you’ll have more than enough room to get comfortable.

If you like to use the lotus position while meditating, the cotton cushion is very comfy and allows enough room.


  • Excellent ergonomic support with a long back
  • The cover is machine washable
  • Comfy kapok cushion
  • Great size and weight

12. NNEWVANTE Floor Chair

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This great new floor chair named NNEWVANTE is great for meditation or yoga with it’s unique design.

It’s the perfect chair for beginners as it will help your posture while meditating.

This isn’t a chair designed to hide away in the cupboard instead it looks great in any room of the home.

I recommend placing it in either your living room or dedicated meditation room.

It has multiple uses such as reading, watching tv, playing games or meditation and of course anything else you do sitting down.

Some mothers who are nursing also like to use the NNEWVANTE floor chair as it’s super comfortable and easy to sit on.

It has a great backrest which has a 5 different angle adjustments you can use.

You can angle the backrest between 90-180 degrees depending on what you find most comfortable.

This is a great chair that offers support during yoga and meditation poses or can even be used lying down (sort of).

If you suffer from back problems the ergomic design is perfect for you.

It also dissipates heat through it’s ventilation design making sure it never gets too hot.

One thing I really love about this chair is that it’s so easy to wash.

Weighing in at only 6 pounds it’s super light weight and easy to take with you on the go.

The seat has a nice compact construction and the backrest is 3 inches thick.

For tall users you may find it doesn’t support you as well as you like.

Overall I think the NNEWVANTE Floor Chair is a great choice for yoga and meditation beginners.


  • Very compact and lightweight
  • The suede-like fabric is great
  • Backrest can be adjusted

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