Best Crystals for Peace


In this day and age, it’s important to be mindful of your actions. In order for a positive change to come about, we must understand our own personal responsibility as well as the responsibility of others. In other words, you have to do your part – but so does everybody else (if you want real change). When we’re at peace with ourselves, we can concentrate on creating routine changes in our lives that will help us be the people we want to be.

Crystals are a great way to promote inner peace and we have listed some of the best ones below for you.


Agate is used for protection and strength, as well as courage and confidence

Clear quartz

Clear quartz resonates all frequencies and connects with the person as a whole; can be programmed to work for any need; brings clarity to thought processes; amplifies intentions; releases blockages; stimulates concentration, memory and communication skills; dissolves emotional congestion


Amethyst is used for spiritual growth, strength, and meditation; it brings peace to the user. It can dissolve negative energy. Amethyst has been used since ancient times as a protection against drunkenness because wine seemed more pure when gazed through this stone. It has also been known to be worn by soldiers in battle to keep them safe from harm. Today it is still considered an effective crystal against intoxication and clumsiness caused by accidents due to carelessness or lack of concentration. The purple quartz was well loved by royalty because its color symbolized piety and sincerity; wearing the amethyst would ensure that one’s noble position was respected by all who saw it


Garnets are used for healing grief and loss, sexual relationships (it increases passion), stabilizing relationships with others (helps when arguments arise); warms the body when chilled; brings light in darkness; helps you to not feel lonely when alone. It is associated with Leo.

It assists women who are menstruating


Obsidian is used to dispel negativity, fear, anger or stress. Obsidian releases negative effects that can be caused by accidents or surgery’s. The stone acts as a protective shield against toxins. Also obsidian absorbs bad dreams especially nightmares. It provides us with self-control and helps us to be more focused on our goals.

Rose quartz

Pink rose quartz is used for unconditional love, forgiveness, inner peace, compassion, calmness in times of stress, positivity; eases the mind in preparation for sleep by calming racing thoughts that prevent sleep leaving you feeling drained when you wake up; assists with meditation because it creates an open heart chakra which enables you to connect with universal energy. Rose Quartz heals a broken heart, loss in relationships or death in the family. It also brings balance in intimate relationships especially in sexual attractio n . The stone is widely used during pregnancy as it brings comfort to both mother and child. It is also beneficial for children who are going through adolescence or teenage years. This is because it promotes self-esteem, poise and confidence in teenagers


Celeste is used to increase spirituality, consciousness; carry celeste around with you when dealing with legal issues or contract negotiations; attunes to angelic realm; can bring inner peace allowing one to release negative emotions that are keeping you from moving forward in life; helps ground the soul into the physical plane of existence helping recall past lives for spiritual growth purposes. It enhances telepathy between people as well as interdimensional communication which makes it a wonderful aid during astral traveling


Labradorite assists in changing bad habits by bringing changes at an unconscious level so they become second nature thus creating permanent change without being consciously aware of the changes. It also brings good luck because it is a stone of magic and therefore heightens intuitive powers as well as enhances perception by tuning into the psychic realm.


Lepidolite is used to ease stress, anxiety, panic attacks; regulate sleep patterns especially in cases of insomnia or interrupted sleep due to stress or worry; align all chakras enabling them to work in unison thus allowing for a balanced state of being free from negative energy which leads to emotional upsets


Amazonite soothes nerves when they are frazzled from overwork or tension making life’s challenges seem more manageable helping one cope with any problems that may arise during times of stress. It helps children express their emotions in a healthy way. Amazonite also assists children who are teething or have learning disabilities to make the experience less stressful for both child and parent


Kunzite is used to attract love, comfort you when feeling lonely; opens crown chakra allowing enlightenment which allows you to live your life more fully aware of spiritual aspects; encourages independence because it enhances inner strength especially when one is faced with difficult challenges in life; helps increase fertility which makes it an excellent stone for pregnancy


Moonstone alleviates stress caused by overwork or lack of sleep; release pent up emotions that can lead to emotional instability causing mood swings; eases female issues such as menstrual cramps, gynecological discomfort; enhances intuition by tuning into the psychic realm; increases fertility; makes it an excellent stone for pregnancy


Iolite is used to bring hope back into one’s life; helps the wearer realize their dreams and aspirations that would otherwise seem impossible at times of despair or depression; can be used by therapists to treat certain types of mental illness like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder

Black tourmaline

Black tourmaline deflects negative energy which protects us from absorbing other people’s energies when we are in a highly charged emotional state. This means it is able to protect you from people who emit strong negative emotions such as anger, hatred, envy etc. When you feel these emotions coming your way just hold some black tourmaline in your hand to absorb the negativity so you are not affected.


Crystals used for peace do more than just make a person feel relaxed and at peace. Depending on the crystal, some can be useful in dealing with problems such as an overactive mind that won’t slow down enough to allow you to sleep; stop anxiety or panic attacks; ease stress which may result from overwork or lack of sleep; assist children with learning disabilities or teething to make the experience less stressful.

The best thing about crystals for peace is that they are readily available and affordable, especially if you buy them online.

However, always remember it’s not the stone but what you believe in that makes a difference when using crystals for peace.

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