Best Crystals for Solar Plexus Chakra


The Solar Plexus Chakra is located right under your sternum or breastbone. It’s the center of your personal power and it gives you the ability to get things done.

It is associated with the color yellow, digestion, stomach, liver, gall bladder, nervous system (especially spine), plexus, diaphragm, and our ability to process information.

Stones having a yellow color are recommended for Solar Plexus Chakra.

Here’s a list of the best crystals for Solar Plexus Chakra.

Clear quartz

Promotes clarity in thinking and awareness while protecting from geopathic stress or electromagnetic smog.

Clear quartz can be programmed by the user for infinite uses. However, make sure you cleanse the crystal regularly because the stored energy will dissipate over time until it becomes inert again.

Rose quartz

The rose quartz represents love for oneself and others which immediately brings happiness and calmness to the user. It can be used as an aid for emotionally unstable chakra systems.


This is a stone of chance, luck, money and well-being when carried or held throughout the day. It has been traditionally used in China to increase prosperity. The wearer must believe in their own abilities so that they will manifest success in their lives through effort and enthusiasm.


The ancient Egyptians believed that this stone kept its owner safe from both physical harm and evil spirits while promoting ambition and drive. It was also thought to bring good fortune in business ventures. This stone can help give one courage to stand up for oneself in confrontational situations competition with others which often cause tension.


The emerald is a stone of love, fertility and healing that has been associated with the goddess Venus. It can enhance learning by stimulating interest in many different areas and is also good for meditation.


This stone helps to instill courage and inner peace while dispelling fear, indecision and tension which often brings true wisdom through self-realization. Also referred to as a “stone of courage” which allows one’s inherent magical powers to surface with its ability to bring clarity of mind which enhances psychic development. Aquamarine also stimulates abundance on all levels – money, health as well as family and friendship.


Amethyst will protect the wearer from all evil, keep their mind clear and focused, while preventing nightmares. It has been used to cure insomnia as well as balance the physical, mental and emotional bodies. Amethyst is also known as a “stone of spirituality” that brings peace and tranquility when needed during times of stress or confusion by helping one to withdraw from the world for contemplation and meditation.


This stone has been used to attract wealth and prosperity long before recorded history. It can aid in concentration, stimulate intellect and dispel lethargy or apathy along with encouraging trustworthiness. Citrine instills generosity which encourages growth through optimism and happiness derived from sharing with others unconditionally without expecting anything in return except that it all comes back tenfold.


High in lithium, labradorite is a stone of logic and reasoning that stimulates the intellect along with enhancing communication between the physical and spiritual planes. It can help to unlock memories long forgotten while purifying and protecting one’s energy field or aura.


This stone contains lunar energies which makes it great for metaphysical pursuits such as dream work, astral travel and stimulating intuition. It helps to clear away negative emotions by bringing up any unresolved issues to be dealt with so they do not remain bottled up inside where they can lead to illness later on in life. The moonstone also encourages perseverance and patience while banishing fear, insecurity and feelings of isolation from others which allows sensitive people to open themselves up towards making friends easier than before.

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