Best Crystals Used For Friendship


Crystals are used for many different purposes. Heart-shaped rose quartz can be given to a special friend who needs some extra love and care, while deep purple amethyst is an excellent gift for celebrating the anniversary of a friendship. Some crystals are even believed to have magical healing properties. Although crystals may all seem the same to you at first, their uses are varied and unique.

Here’s some crystals that are great for friendship.


Aquamarine crystals are used for friendship and love. They can help you to get in touch with your emotions and can be a great tool for emotional and psychological healing.

Bubble Coral

Bubble Coral is another crystal that represent emotional balance, peace and serenity while keeping out negative energy. It promotes the idea that friendship doesn’t have to be complicated.


Chalcedony provides a link between the spiritual realm and the physical world, allowing energy to flow in both directions. It is believed by many cultures to be emotionally soothing and promotes positive thinking.


Citrine crystals promote happiness, self-esteem, inspiration, positivity and friendship. They are often used for protection from psychic attacks or negative energies.

Clarity Stone

Clarity Stone crystal has protective qualities that help restore inner peace when feeling troubled or negative emotions are affecting your life. It helps bring clarity into problems or difficult decisions you need to make with its gentle guidance.


Dioptase is a stone of joy that promotes friendship, harmony and good fortune. It brings courage to the bearer to face life’s challenges with optimism and confidence.

Earth Star

Earth Star is an all around great stone for health that has powerful protection properties that shield you from negative energy. Earth star crystals help promote positive energy in your relationships with others by encouraging trust, honesty and stability.


Emerald crystals are used to inspire love, balance emotions, protect against negative energies and ease stress or tension. Emeralds promote self-confidence, enhance creativity and improve empathy toward others.


Fluorite stones are known as a healing stone that can heal on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. They also bring about clarity of thought which makes them beneficial for learning and promote truth and honesty. They’re also great for meditation and decision-making.

Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamond is a very powerful stone that helps to protect the wearer from negative energies and psychic attacks, including geopathic stress associated with living near or below power lines. These diamonds are also known as “Teacher stones” because they can help one to learn in many ways, including telepathy, clairvoyance and intuition.


Kunzite crystals are used to bring out hidden emotions so they can be healed or transformed into something more positive. It increases trustworthiness, discretion, loyalty in friendships while helping you see who your true friends really are.


Labradorite crystals are also known as “mirror crystals” that reflect everything back to the person who is holding it. This crystal encourages true self-expression so you can avoid situations where you’re trying to be someone you’re not. It increases your ability to communicate and promotes dynamic change in your life, which is very helpful during periods of transition or upheaval.


Melanite stones are wonderful for removing negative energies and blockages from your energy fields, thus promoting peace and harmony within yourself, your relationships with others and improving general well-being.


Moonstone crystals promote inner growth through higher awareness that helps heal emotional wounds. They help remove fear, stress or anxiety that is often associated with beginning new projects or partaking in new activities.


Opal is a very spiritual stone that works on the higher chakras and brings about inspiration, hope, love and peace. It encourages happiness and joy while promoting ability to see beauty in all things.

Rose Quartz

Roese Quartz stones are stones of unconditional love that can help you get rid of inhibitions or fears that prevent you from accepting love. They open your heart which makes it easier for you to form deep friendships with others and attract loving energies into your life.

Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz is a strong grounding stone that protects against psychic attack by removing negative energy or stress from your body and aura. This crystal also absorbs any negative vibrations from other people or places so they won’t affect you.

Star Rose Quartz

Star Rose Quartz is a stone of unconditional love that will open your heart so you can be more accepting of others and let go of resentment, anger or sorrow for past experiences. It encourages forgiveness and helps removing emotional barriers that prevent forming deep friendships with others.


Sunstones are wonderful stones to help remove any feeling of guilt that may interfere with your relationships with family members or friends. These stones also encourage hope and optimism, which makes them beneficial in helping you see the bright side of life.


Unakite brings serenity through a sense of acceptance, allowing one to find joy within themselves rather than depending on outside conditions. This crystal promotes honesty and trustworthiness as well as generosity towards others.


Variscite stones are used to promote joy and contentment by allowing you to see things through a positive light. They also help remove any feelings of anger or resentment so you can recognize the positive side of bad experiences.


Vesuvianite stones are excellent for maintaining friendships, especially with family members or those closest to you. These crystals are great for helping you understand your role in the larger picture, thus promoting understanding between yourself and others.

Yogo Calcite

Yogo Calcites are wonderful crystal for friendship because they help promoting courage and faithfulness towards supporters who firmly believe in you no matter what happens; people who stand by you until the end. Yogo Calcite crystals bring about loyalty and faithfulness in relationships, thus increasing the faith you have for your friends.


Zircon stones are wonderful for improving your friendships by allowing you to stand up for the other person when they don’t have the strength or courage to do so themselves. They help build confidence within yourself that encourages self-esteem and self-respect towards others.

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