Best Crystals for Lucid Dreaming



This birthstone has often been said to give the person a strong connection to their dreams. In fact, many people who carry turquoise claim that they experience vivid and colorful dreams when they sleep with it in their pocket or under their pillow. Within lucid dreaming, this birthstone can help you achieve lucidity more easily.

Crystal Quartz

Like turquoise, crystal quartz is believed to connect the dreamer to their subconscious mind in a powerful way. Using something like a crystal quartz wand in a lucid dream can allow you to focus on your goal of being aware that you’re in a dream and then guide yourself into achieving the task of becoming aware while inside it too!

Herkimer Diamonds

Herkimer diamonds are small, double-terminated crystals that have a very high vibration. Carrying or wearing these can enhance your dreaming and help you achieve lucidity within them.


Labradorite contains mirror-like properties and reflects light in an almost magical way. Wearing labradorite can thus strengthen your mind’s eye and aid you in developing the skills you need to become lucid and aware inside of your dreams too!


Apatite is believed by metaphysical healers to relieve stress, anxiety, fear, depression, sorrow, anger, worry or frustration while one sleeps. This makes it perfect for achieving lucidity as you will likely be able to reach the state with less effort.


Moonstone is believed to be extremely beneficial for pregnant women, who can often experience frequent nightmares due to their hormones. Carrying or wearing moonstones is said to help dreams become more positive and soothing.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is sometimes called heaven stone because it contains azurite which brings about an increase of psychic abilities! It’s also known as having healing powers used by many healers around the world for treating different kinds of illnesses too. It has been suggested that lapis lazuli may even be able to let you know that you’re dreaming while still in REM sleep by sending vivid dreams your way!


Sugilite has long been popular among metaphysical healers for its use in treating cognitive disorders and neurological problems. This can be especially helpful in lucid dreaming, as once you achieve lucidity, it’s said that sugilite can enhance your ability to remain aware throughout the dream!


Turquoise is believed to provide great protection against negative energy while you’re asleep so if you wear or carry turquoise before bed, it’s said that you’ll have fewer nightmares and less trouble achieving lucidity when compared with someone who doesn’t do so.


Fluorite has long been known for its metaphysical properties making it an excellent stone for enhancing spiritual awareness. When working on a goal of becoming lucid while inside a vivid dreamscape, fluorite can help you achieve lucidity more quickly by strengthening your mind’s eye and making it easier for you to visualize clearly.


Jade is considered a stone of luck and prosperity, so wearing or carrying jade will bring about fantastic dreams that are beneficial to creative thinking and problem solving too! This can be especially helpful in refining your ability to become lucid within your dreams while avoiding nightmares.


Opal is known as the gemstone of hope and has been used since ancient times to treat ailments such as insomnia and headaches. This makes it likely that opals will bring positive dreams when you sleep with one near you. In fact, there have been reports from some who say that they feel an energetic weight from opals when they hold or wear them after a full day of being exposed to negative energy.

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