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11 Great Incense for Abundance

Incense has long been used for its aromatic properties in religious and spiritual ceremonies. It is believed to help create an atmosphere of calm and peace, which can lead to greater abundance. Incense also carries a variety of benefits, from helping to enhance relaxation, to purifying the air, to providing a sense of well-being. The following list will explore 11 great incense for abundance.

Here’s 11 Great Incense for Abundance

Mountainside Cedar Incense

This woody scent is perfect for promoting feelings of grounding and stability, while allowing your thoughts to drift away. It also helps to cleanse the air and bring a sense of peace to the area.

Ocean Breeze Incense

This invigorating scent will transport you away to the shore with its refreshing blend of sea salt and sea kelp. It helps to awaken the senses, while providing a sense of renewal and clarity.

Lavender Patchouli Incense

This calming blend of lavender and patchouli is perfect for creating a warm, cozy atmosphere. It helps to promote relaxation and reduce stress, while inspiring a sense of inner peace.

Sandalwood Rose Incense

This sweet and floral aroma helps to create a feeling of comfort and warmth. It also promotes feelings of joy and contentment, while helping to purify the air.

Citrus Spice Incense

This zesty blend of citrus and spice is an uplifting scent that helps to boost energy levels and stimulate creativity. It also helps promote feelings of optimism and joy.

Vanilla Chai Incense

This spicy-sweet aroma is perfect for creating an atmosphere of tranquility and peace. It also helps to increase focus and concentration, while providing a sense of harmony.

Cinnamon Apple Incense

This warm, inviting scent is great for bringing about feelings of abundance and prosperity. It also helps to reduce stress levels, while inspiring a sense of joy and happiness.

Rosemary Sage Incense

This intensely herbaceous aroma is perfect for promoting feelings of grounding and stability. It also helps to boost mental clarity, while reducing stress levels.

Jasmine Vanilla Incense

This sweet and floral blend helps to create an atmosphere of calmness and serenity. It also helps to reduce anxiety levels, while inspiring feelings of joy and contentment.

Silver Mist Incense

This light yet soothing aroma is great for promoting relaxation and reducing stress levels. It also helps to purify the air and promote mental clarity.

Ginger Lime Incense

This invigorating blend of ginger and lime is perfect for boosting energy levels and stimulating creativity. It also helps to reduce anxiety levels, while inspiring feelings of optimism and abundance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Benefits of Burning Incense?

Burning incense has many benefits, such as helping to purify the air, increasing relaxation, reducing stress levels, improving focus, boosting energy levels, promoting mental clarity, inspiring joy and contentment, improving sleep quality, reducing anxiety levels, and providing a sense of well-being.

What are the Best Types of Incense?

The best types of incense depend on the desired effect. For relaxation, calming scents such as lavender or sandalwood are recommended. For energizing effects, citrus or spice scents are best; these can help boost creativity as well as energy levels. For emotional support or spiritual ceremonies, woody or floral scents may be preferable; these help promote feelings of grounding or inner peace respectively.

How do I Choose an Appropriate Scent?

Choosing an appropriate scent depends on personal preference as well as any desired effects or benefits you want from burning the incense. Different scents can evoke different emotions or bring about different benefits; therefore it’s important to select one that resonates with you personally or that suits your desired purpose.

Are There Any Safety Precautions?

When burning incense it’s important to ensure proper ventilation; never leave it unattended or burn it too close to any flammable materials or items that could potentially catch fire such as curtains or furniture. Additionally, make sure never to touch hot incense sticks as they may cause burns or damage skin tissue if not handled properly. Lastly, keep incense sticks away from children and pets at all times as they can be hazardous if not used correctly.


Burning incense can have many positive benefits on our physical health as well as our emotional wellbeing when used correctly in a safe environment with proper ventilation. The 11 great incenses listed here offer a variety of scents that can help bring about feelings of abundance when used correctly in accordance with safety precautions given above.