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Top 3 Best Buckwheat Meditation Cushions

This article will compare the different varieties of buckwheat meditation cushions so that you can choose the perfect one for you.

While the standard meditation cushions are amazing for meditation, sometimes you might need something that offers a little more support. If you have back problems a quality meditation chair or bench might be a better idea for you.

1. Peaceful Zafu Buckwheat Meditation Pillow

The Zafu Meditation Pillow is a super comfy little pillow that acts like a little chair which is how meditation teachers recommend you sit.

Beginners will find it really easy to use and it will help them with their posture.

It’s really comfortable and soft with just the right amount of firmness to it.

It is lovely and soft which will help relieve pressure on your bones while doing floor meditation.



2. Buckwheat Zafu & Zabuton Meditation Cushion Set


  • Comes in a matching set
  • Very well packed
  • Adjustable buckwheat filling


  • Pillow may need to be fluffed every now and then due to the buckwheat filling

3. Conscious Life Shop Zafu Zubuton Meditation Cushion Set


  • High quality natural fibers and materials used for the covers
  • Great leg support that stops your legs going numb
  • Sleek modern look and feel


  • If you are used to other cushions you may need some time to get used to the unique crescent shape

It’s obvious there are many benefits to starting a meditation practice, in order to get the most out of each session we highly recommend getting a high quality meditation cushion to support you.

The cushions that are listed in this review all offer excellent support for the body and hold the spine in proper alignment, ensuring that you will remain as comfortable as possible during those long meditation sessions. When you use one of these cushions, you will not experience any aches and pains or pins and needles and you will truly be able to clear and center your mind and reach your nirvana.

Our top 3 buckwheat cushion picks reviewed in this article are all super high quality and will help support your body and mind while you enjoy your meditation practice. Being uncomfortable is something that can quickly make you frustrated and can cause you to stop your meditation short.

If you didn’t find something that suit you feel free to have a look at our other meditation cushion reviews as there is definitely something out there for everyone.