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Cedar Incense Benefits – Our Top 10

The cedar tree is among the most common tree species. Besides its building properties due to its strong form. Cedar has been used for various therapeutic and spiritual reasons for millennia. This report focuses on cedar incense benefits and how its properties can help to transform your life. Read on to determine why you need to consider this plant extract for your emotional and physical wellness.

History of Cedar

Cedar is a prominent tree that remains forever rooted in history, thanks to its numerous applications. Not only is it resilient and versatile, but the tree also possesses medicinal purposes and has been in use since time immemorial. There are numerous species of cedar spread throughout the world. Some of its varieties include Lebanon Cedar, White Cedar, Atlantic, Pacific, Yellow, and Incense Cedars.

What is Cedar Incense?

Over time, Cedar trees have proven helpful for multiple spiritual and practical reasons. Besides its symbolical and spiritual roles, its enormous strength, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and insect-repellant qualities make it an unparalleled building material for durable structures. To many native Americans, cedar incense from leaves has been used for prayers, spiritual and practical purposes. Presently, cedar as incense is still synonymous with several traditional native ceremonies.

Why Should I Consider Cedar Incense?

Might you be wondering the benefits of incorporating cedar incense into your ceremonies and prayers? The advantages of cedar incense include:


Most natives call it “Evergreen Life” and consider it as an offering to the spirit world. Its role includes amplifying prayer, consecration, and blessing and also helps in visions. In times of stress and spiritual anxiety, it can help to relax the mind and body. Spiritually, cedar incense acts as a spiritual guide, assisting individuals in realizing their life’s purpose and keeping them on the right path.

Relaxation and Meditation

Cedar is among the oldest incenses and represents constant faith and spiritual dedication. In Tibet, it is held in high regard for its restoration powers. Thanks to its reflective image of strength and deep roots, its resilience from winds and other extreme weather conditions. Therefore, we can begin comprehending its grounding energies arising from invoking the cedar spirit through the burning of its incense. It allows mental clarity, spiritual dedication, focus, and calmness of thoughts.

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Invoking the Spirits of the gods

Ancient Nordic people used cedar to invoke the spirit of the god Odin. It was done either as sacrificial incense or adding a staff or wand of the wood to the ritual. Cedar incense also consolidates personal strength and offers stability during challenging or trying times when strength, willpower, and wisdom are critical.

Overcoming Anxieties and Self Uncertainties

Due to its powerful grounding energy, cedar incense continues to be applied in many esoteric cultures to help individuals become more resilient as they face personal life challenges. Its Saturnian properties can assist you in getting more deeply rooted in your destiny. For many individuals, cedar has helped build courage and self-confidence.

Natural Insecticide

Due to its sharp energizing odor, cedar incense can act as an effective insect repellant in your home. This resin is ideal for individuals living in the tropics or areas with many insects such as moths, mosquitoes, woodworm, mice, and rats. As a natural insecticide, cedar incense further helps in environmental conservation for better prosperity.

Enhanced Healing

Cedar incense can aid in healing work since it promotes a deeply relaxed state in the healer, increasing spiritual energy. Additionally, it is a critical herbal remedy since it works directly on your nervous system to relieve headaches, relax agitated muscles and support overworked muscles.

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Relieving Extreme Emotions

Burning cedar incense has numerous internal benefits, including creating a calm temperament. Also, it is believed to aid in resolving tension, aggression, and depression. Other benefits include improved blood circulation, improved concentration, and arthritis management.

Concealing Unwanted Smells

Burning cedar incense can help to keep unwanted smells at bay from suspicious people. Smokers and pet lovers can opt for its fragrance to keep the room filled with a pleasant smell and hide other odors that may reveal better left hidden traits.


Are you having trouble sleeping lately? Insomnia is a common problem affecting both genders. If you face sleep issues, cedar incense can be of aid. Burning its incense calms your mind, giving you a peaceful sleep. It can also be incorporated during massage therapies to enhance healing advantages.


Burning cedar incense is believed to offer protection and keep negative energy away. During the early days, people used to keep a cedarwood wand above the door for protection reasons. Plus, thanks to its longevity, cedarwood is ideal for creating talismans and good luck charms.

Incense Scents That Go Well With Cedar Incense

There are a few incense I recommend you try burning with cedar to enhance the benefits.

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Bottom Line

If you seek to burn cedar incense for its wide-ranging benefits, you should seek the finest quality products for better results. Today, you can trust cedarwood incense for proven benefits that include antiseptic, aphrodisiac, antidepressant, and sleep aid to improve your lifestyle.