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7 Great Incense for Spirit Manifestation

If you’re looking to bring spiritual balance and harmony into your life, using incense is a great way to start. Incense has been used in spiritual practices for centuries and can help to create a peaceful atmosphere. Whether you’re new to using incense or you’ve been burning it for some time, here are 7 great incense scents that can help manifest spiritual energy and create a connection with the spirit world.

Here’s 7 Great Incense for Spirit Manifestation

Frankincense Incense


Frankincense incense is often used when performing rituals that involve meditation and prayer. This resin-based incense helps to open up the mind and spirit, allowing for a deeper connection with the divine. Frankincense also works to purify the energy in a space, bringing forth a feeling of peace and tranquility.

Sage Incense


Sage incense is often used for cleansing and purifying purposes. When burned, sage releases a smoke that is believed to be able to remove negative energies from a space, making it ideal for creating an uplifting and positive atmosphere. The pleasant scent of sage also helps to promote relaxation and inner peace.

Myrrh Incense


Myrrh incense is believed to be able to strengthen spiritual bonds and bring about spiritual healing. When burned, myrrh releases an aroma that is known to help clear the mind and connect to the divine. It is often used in rituals that involve invoking spirits or for divination purposes.

Dragon’s Blood Incense

Dragon’s blood incense is a powerful tool for manifesting spiritual energy. This resin-based incense has an earthy scent and can help to create a strong connection with the spirit world. It is often used in rituals that involve channeling spirits, invoking power, or connecting with one’s ancestors.

Cedar Incense


Cedar incense is known for its ability to bring forth feelings of protection and security. The pleasant aroma of this wood-based incense helps to create a peaceful atmosphere while also allowing one to open up their minds and connect with their spiritual guides.

Cinnamon Incense


Cinnamon incense has a sweet and spicy scent that helps to bring about feelings of joy and optimism. This resin-based incense has been used for centuries in spiritual practices and can help to draw in positive energy while also helping one connect with their higher self.

Jasmine Incense


Jasmine incense has a sweet floral scent that helps to promote relaxation and inner peace. This wood-based incense helps to reduce stress and bring forth feelings of joy and positivity, making it ideal for creating an uplifting environment for spiritual practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Difference Between Resin-Based Incense and Wood-Based Incense?

Resin-based incenses are made from tree sap or resin which is then combined with essential oils or spices to create an aromatic scent. Wood-based incenses are made from dried wood chips or powders which are then blended with aromatic herbs or spices to create an aroma. Both types of incenses are suitable for spiritual practice but resin-based scents tend to have stronger scents while wood-based scents have more subtle aromas.

Can I Use Incense Every Day?

Yes, you can use incense every day if you wish. However, it is best not to overdo it as this could lead to an imbalance of energy in your home or workspace. For best results, try burning your chosen incense two or three times a week for 15-20 minutes at a time.

How Do I Choose the Right Incense for My Spiritual Practice?

When choosing an incense for your spiritual practice, it’s important to consider what type of energy you want to invoke in your space. If you’re looking for cleansing energies, then sage or frankincense may be the best option; if you’re looking for protection or grounding energies then cedar may be better suited; if you’re looking for joy or optimism then cinnamon or jasmine may be best; if you’re looking for divination or channeling then myrrh may be the right choice; if you’re looking for strong connection with the spirit world then dragon’s blood may be ideal. Ultimately it all comes down to personal preference so take some time to research different scents before deciding on one that resonates with your own energy.


Burning incense can be incredibly beneficial when it comes to connecting with the spirit world and bringing forth positive energies into your life. These 7 great incenses – frankincense, sage, myrrh, dragon’s blood, cedar, cinnamon, and jasmine – are all great options for manifesting spiritual energy in your space. Take some time to research each one before deciding which will work best for your own particular needs and preferences.