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9 Unique Incense for Self Love

Incense has been used for centuries for its calming, spiritual, and healing properties. From meditation to relaxation, the scent of burning incense can be incredibly powerful. Incense is often used in rituals to bring peace, balance, and love into our lives. If you’re looking to bring self-love into your life, here are 9 unique incense that can help you do just that.

Here’s 9 Unique Incense for Self Love

Lavender Incense

Lavender is a popular essential oil with a sweet and calming scent. Lavender is known to help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. It can also help inspire feelings of love and compassion towards yourself.

Rose Incense

Rose incense has a soft floral scent that can instantly make you feel loved. Burning rose incense can help ground you, bring peace to your mind, and open your heart to self-love and acceptance.


Vanilla incense has a sweet and comforting scent that is sure to make you feel relaxed and content. Its warm and soothing aroma can help you appreciate yourself more and help you see the beauty that lies within you.

Sandalwood Incense

Sandalwood incense has a woody scent that is often associated with calming energies. Burning sandalwood can help you find inner peace, letting go of any negative thoughts or feelings about yourself.

Jasmine Incense

Jasmine incense has a sweet and sensual scent that can bring comfort and joy into your life. Burning jasmine incense will fill your home with an uplifting energy that can help promote self-esteem and confidence.


Mint incense has a refreshing scent that will instantly make you feel energized and inspired. Mint’s stimulating properties will help you find motivation to love yourself more and appreciate who you are.

Ylang Ylang Incense

Ylang Ylang incense has an exotic floral scent that will instantly make you feel relaxed and content. Burning ylang ylang can help bring peace to the mind and open your heart to the power of self-love.

Patchouli Incense

Patchouli incense has a musky scent that is often used to promote feelings of calmness and relaxation. Burning patchouli will bring balance and harmony into your life, helping you accept yourself as you are without judgement.

Cinnamon Incense

Cinnamon incense has a warm and spicy aroma that can instantly make you feel uplifted and energized. Cinnamon will help fill your home with positive energy and inspire feelings of self-love, acceptance, and appreciation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of incense should I use for self-love?

The best kind of incense for self-love depends on what kind of scent resonates with you the most. Some popular scents for self-love include lavender, rose, vanilla, sandalwood, jasmine, mint, ylang ylang, patchouli, and cinnamon.

What does burning incense do for self-love?

Burning incense for self-love will fill your home with calming energies that can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. The smell of burning incense can also promote feelings of inner peace, acceptance, appreciation, motivation, and joy towards yourself.

How often should I burn incense for self-love?

The frequency of burning incense for self-love depends on personal preference. You may choose to burn it daily or just when needed during times of stress or low moods. It is important to remember to always practice safety when burning any type of incense in your home or space.

Where can I buy high quality incense?

High quality incenses can be purchased online or at stores specializing in aromatherapy products. Be sure to research each company before making a purchase to ensure they are selling safe and authentic products from reliable sources.


Incense is a great way to bring love into your life through its calming and spiritual properties. There are many different scents available on the market today but the nine listed above are some of the most popular ones for bringing self-love into your life. Whether it’s calming lavender or energizing cinnamon, there’s something out there for everyone.