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Amazonite Metaphysical Properties, Benefits & Meaning

Amazonite stones are blue-green stones that are named after the Amazon River (amazon stone) which is in South America and the originating source of the particular stones. The metaphysical properties and benefits of amazonite stones can help those who work with these types of gemstones to discover their own internal strength and resilience.

What Are Other Names for Amazonite?

People call amazonite different things, you may hear people refer to them as the following.

How do people use Amazonite?

Some people prefer to have Amazonite by itself however many people prefer to wear it in jewelry.

Types of Amazonite jewelry

Amazonite are green stones with many great metaphysical and spiritual healing properties

Amazonite is a powerful stone with emotional healing properties that brings inner peace when surrounded with negative energy.

Those who are feeling alone or disconnected from others can use amazonite to encourage higher emotional intelligence and emotional well-being. It helps those who deal with fear, anxiety and phobias that prevent them from acting rationally.

Encourage Leadership Skills

Amazonite is also an excellent stone that encourages leadership skills and the capacity to speak one’s truth. It can also help those who are shy, timid or introverted discover how to communicate more effectively with others.

Heal Emotion Wounds

Amazonite stones are known for healing emotional wounds and fears that are holding people back from being themselves. This type of stone is excellent for sorting out emotional issues so they can be resolved in a healthier way.

Amazonite stones can also be used to clear away negative energetic vibrations and stress.

Purge Obsessive Thoughts

People who often find themselves obsessing over a particular situation or circumstance can use amazonite stones as a tool for dissolving these obsessive thoughts. It is an excellent stone that stimulates the third eye chakra, allowing those who meditate with it the benefit of a deeper connection to the natural world.


Amazonite stones are excellent for grounding excess energy and calming overwhelming emotions. They can help those who feel anxious or irritable find their center again, allowing them to focus on what is important in their lives. These stones also stimulate creativity and imagination. Their energies make it easier for people who use these stones to channel their thoughts more effectively.

Try combining amber with other crystals for grounding to get the maximum effect from them.

Improve Self Awareness and Intuition

The metaphysical properties of amazonite stones encourage the development of higher levels of awareness, perception and intuition. This type of stone carries an energy signature that stimulates the mind and helps those who use them to access previously unconsidered possibilities when solving problems. Amazonite stones are known for their ability to dissolve even stubborn or outdated beliefs that are holding people back from stepping into their full potential.

Balancing Energies

Amazonite stones are also known for their ability to balance yin and yang energies, strengthening the meridians found throughout the body. These stones have an excellent energy signature that is related to soothing fears, finding inner peace and releasing tension or stress.

Amazonite Stone Colours and Meaning

Amazonite is pale green or blue green crystal that can be found with gray, white or yellow veining. As far as the meaning of amazonite stones is concerned these colors are significant in their own way because they activate particular energy centers that affect different areas of life.

Chakras Associated with Amazonite

  1. Throat chakra
  2. Heart chakra
  3. Root chakra

The colour of amazonite stone relates to the root chakra, heart chakra and throat chakras. The most significant metaphysical properties of this type of crystal are found in the energy centers where the color green is most concentrated. Green crystals assist with balance, harmony, renewal and growth.

Metaphysical Properties of the Root Chakra

Amazonite stones energetically stimulate the root chakra so they can be used to enhance vitality and increase stamina. This type of stone stabilizes the meridian system and strengthens overall health. The color green also activates this energy center because it is linked with prosperity, security and abundance.

Metaphysical Properties of the Heart Chakra

The color blue is associated with the heart chakra and all crystals that contain a shade of blue will affect this part of an individual’s anatomy. Amazonite stones energetically stimulate this energy center because they assist with self expression, inner peace and balance. People who repeatedly use these types of stones in meditation can gain valuable insights into how their behaviors are affecting their personal relationships.

Metaphysical Properties of the Throat Chakra

Crystals that contain a tinge of blue or green are energetically linked to the throat chakra, including amazonite stones. This color stimulates the throat chakra because it carries the energy signature of communication, self-expression and creativity. People who use amazonite stones in meditation can gain valuable insights into how they communicate their thoughts and feelings to other people so they can become better listeners.

Amazonite Is Connected to Masculine and Feminine Energies

Amazonite stones are strongly connected to masculine and feminine forces. These energetic polarities are present in all living things so this type of crystal can be used by both men and women to create balance between yin and yang energies.