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Amber Metaphysical Properties, Benefits & Meaning

Amber has been used since ancient times for its metaphysical properties and benefits. Its fascinating history, beauty, and mystery make it a stone of great value while its grounding energy makes it an ideal companion through the chaotic journey of life.

Wear amber or keep it in your pocket when you are feeling scattered or unfocused so that it can help ground your energy while creating a beautiful, harmonious atmosphere.

Amber Color and Meaning

Amber comes in a magnificent range of warm honey-yellow colors, from nearly white to dark orange and brown. Its coloring is due to the effects of sunlight upon it over millions of years. The more intense the color, the greater its intensity and energetic value will be (although this does not necessarily indicate that it is more valuable).

Amber Color Variations

Amber is a fossilized resin (from tree resin) that comes from ancient trees and you will find many different colors of amber stones and Baltic amber jewelry such as the ones listed below.

And many other different orange shades or yellow hues.

History of Amber

The ancient Greeks used amber as perfume while the Romans burned it as incense during religious ceremonies. The Chinese have long admired its beauty and power, using it to adorn emperors, soldiers, and noblemen. In the East, amber is associated with purity, often being used to attract love or prosperity.

As early as 37 BC, Nero was known to watch gladiator fights through a wide piece of transparent golden-colored amber. It has been suggested he did this not for their entertainment value but because he believed the stone would make him invisible to his opponents.

In the 13th century, amber was listed as a treatment for depression and melancholy in a medical guide written by a German physician. Today, it is still valued as an alternative medicine because of its brilliant healing abilities.

Wearing Amber

The power of amber lies in its ability to heal on both physical and emotional levels, making it an excellent stone for ailments like headaches or colds/flu. It also acts as an antidepressant and improves circulation while reducing muscle aches and pains.

Amber necklaces are ideal for relieving anxiety but be careful not to wear them too tightly around your neck since it can impede breathing if worn too long or too tightly. They are also said to protect wearer from skin irritations like poison ivy and were once thought to strengthen the voice.

Amber Metaphysical & Healing Properties

Amber stones are heated tree resins that have been fossilized over millions of years, resulting in a stone with amazing metaphysical properties & benefits for those who choose to work with it. Its ability to enhance psychic abilities as well as provide grounding, stability, and balance make it perfect for many types of spiritual practices including divination, meditation, scrying or dreamwork.

It’s also wonderful for alleviating stress and anxiety while enhancing your connection to nature & the animal kingdom so they’ll be more likely to serve as powerful companions on your spiritual journey.

Here’s a quick view of all the metaphysical properties and benefits from using Amber.

  1. Intuition & Inner Wisdom
  2. Increased Psychic Abilities & Awareness
  3. Divination
  4. Emotional balance & stability
  5. Increased creativity & inspiration (creative self expression)
  6. Connection to nature & the animal kingdom
  7. Ability to manifest one’s dreams
  8. Cleansing negative energies from your environment
  9. Improve positive energy

Below is a more in depth description of each of the metaphysical properties and how they work to make your life better.

Intuition & Inner Wisdom

Amber assists your intuition by bringing you a sense of calm and directing your attention inward. It will help you find the answers within yourself rather than from others so you can trust your instincts to guide you in life. Amber is just one of the many powerful crystals used for intuition and you should try a combination of them for the best results.

Increased Psychic Abilities & Awareness

Amber’s ability to ground, center, and focus energy makes it one of the best stones for enhancing one’s psychic abilities as well as divination endeavors such as scrying or dowsing. It is wonderful for clairvoyance & prophecy work because it allows you to be receptive enough to hear subtle messages but grounded enough to process them clearly.


Amber combines its powers with those of other stones for divination purposes such as holding a piece of citrine or quartz crystal while scrying with the sunstone. When using it for divination, try holding one in each hand or placing them in front of you while scrying with a bismuth crystal sphere.

Emotional Balance & Stability

Amber’s grounding effects make it wonderful for alleviating stress and anxiety while also calming your emotions during times of deep spiritual connection or emotional trauma. It will help you calm your thoughts so you can stay stable when life throws curveballs at you, allowing you to respond rather than react to the world around you.

Increased Creativity & Inspiration

When combined with stones like citrine or amethyst that enhance creativity and inspiration, amber will not only enhance this process but bring about new ideas that are relevant to your current path of growth and development. This is why it’s excellent for dream work, as it will help you not only have a lucid dream but bring back more detailed and relevant information about the path of your life.

Connection to Nature & The Animal Kingdom

Amber has a very grounding influence that connects us to the earth beneath our feet while also bringing us closer to animals of all types. It helps us form a bond with any animal we’re working with whether they’re pets, wild animals, or those from other realms such as faeries or elementals. This stone brings out their playful side as well as positive qualities like loyalty and devotion so they’ll be more likely to trust you unconditionally and serve as great companions on your spiritual journey.

Ability To Manifest Your Dreams

When combined with stones that boost your ability to manifest, amber will amplify this process by bringing in a sense of grounding and stability. This is why it’s wonderful for dream work because the information you receive from dreams will be accurate and relevant to your current lifepath which can help guide many aspects of your life.

Cleansing Negative Energy From Your Environment

This stone has been used as protection from negative energy since antiquity, most notably by the Baltic tribes who would bury pieces of baltic amber under their homes’ thresholds to keep evil spirits at bay. It can also be placed on windowsills or hung over doorways throughout your home to create an invisible barrier that keeps these energies away so you don’t have to worry about being bombarded by negative influences.

Improve Positive Energy in Relationships

Amber brings a sense of grounding and stability to relationships, especially when they’re in their beginning stages. It helps us root ourselves in the physical world with our feet firmly on the ground so we can build the foundation for a positive relationship that will last throughout time. When combined with stones like red jasper or moldavite that boost our energetic vibrations, amber can help us manifest the ideal relationship we’ve always wanted.

Ability to Release Negativity & Blocking

Since antiquity, this stone has been used as a protective amulet that deflects negative energies and thoughts that are directed at you. Worn around the neck or placed in your pillowcase, it will keep these forces away from you at all times so you don’t have to worry about being bombarded with negativity.

Increased Longevity & Quality of Life

In addition to releasing negative energies, this stone has been used as an amulet since antiquity for increasing longevity and quality of life. It can be placed under your pillow or worn around your neck at night to protect your body and mind from ailments and disorders that can shorten your lifespan and keep you from living to your fullest potential.

Interesting Information About Amber Stones

Chakras Associated with Amber

Amber is associated with the root chakra and solar plexus chakras because of its grounding, stabilizing effects. It’s also associated with the sacral chakra for its metaphysical properties that connect it to the higher realms as well as the cleansing energy it harnesses to remove negative influences from your environment.

Month associated with Amber


Zodiac signs associated with Amber

Aries & Leo

Astrological signs associated with amber can either be Aries or Leo. As fire signs, these zodiac signs are ruled by the energy of Mars which is one of amber’s ruling planets. They’re also both cardinal signs that are associated with leadership, ambition, and confidence which can all be amplified with this stone.

Famous people born under the zodiac sign Aries who have benefited from wearing or carrying an amber stone include Marilyn Monroe, Samuel L. Jackson, and Tom Cruise.

People who have benefited from wearing or carrying an amber stone while living under the zodiac sign Leo include Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, and Angelina Jolie.

Planetary Stones Associated With Amber

Sunstone (transparent yellow/orange variety of orthoclase feldspar known as “golden labradorite”) and bismuth.

History & Lore of Amber Stones (Baltic Amber)

Amber has been associated with metaphysical properties since antiquity when it was used by the Baltic tribes to create protective amulets. Ancient Romans prized this gemstone for its ability to absorb negative energy which would be released when warmed in hot water or sunlight, with the most common being honey-colored pieces from the Baltic Sea.

Today, amber is still prized for its ability to protect against negative energy and attract positive emotions such as happiness and joy.

Amber Stone Warnings

Amber stones should not be used by those who need to keep their energies balanced or grounded. This is because they will simply heighten your own energy which can result in an ungrounded and spacey feeling that’s difficult to manage. If you’re extremely sensitive, you may even feel overwhelmed by the energy of amber stones. Excessive use can also result in headaches due to their intense vibration.


Amber is a beautiful gemstone that emits dynamic and ever-changing energy that makes it wonderful to meditate with. It’s also associated with many metaphysical properties and benefits such as amplifying your ability to manifest your dreams, cleansing negative energies from your environment, and promoting strong intuition.