Best Crystals for Intuition


Crystals have a long tradition of being used for intuition and psychic abilities. A few excellent crystals that can be used to enhance your intuition include:


Amethyst is known to enhance mental functions, intuition and clarity of mind. Amethyst helps you become more in tune with yourself and the world around you. It can help you develop your intuitive abilities, spirituality, wisdom and psychic abilities.


Celestite is also formed under unusual circumstances; it is believed that celestite’s formation may be extraterrestrial in nature. Celestite is a peaceful stone, bringing calm and soothing energies to those who need or desire it. It can be used as a stabilizing stone, and has been said to help balance the polarities within the body and mind, making celestite useful for those with bipolar disorder.


Citrine is one of the most popular crystals today because it brings luck and success into all areas of life: spiritual, emotional, physical and material matters. Citrine’s joyful energy increases self-confidence and attracts new opportunities into your life. It can purify your thoughts; cleanse any negative emotions; eliminate stress; bring inspiration; activate the crown chakra; open up psychic abilities; clear and balance the aura; and remove blockages in the chakras.

Crystal Quartz

Crystal quartz is a powerful healing stone that can unblock and re-balance energy, allowing for a greater flow of energy to manifest in your life. It also enhances intuition and creativity while helping you become more aware of the insights that come from within your subconscious mind. It aids concentration, helps with meditation, stimulates psychic abilities, helps you receive guidance from angels and spirit guides, assists in opening up clairvoyant skills and enhances dream recall after waking up.


Emerald crystals are gemstones used for increasing love between people who feel emotionally distant from one another. They help bring peace to relationships encouraging mutual understanding which makes disputes easier to resolve. They also allow you to see your lover anew, helping you to rekindle lust and passion for each other.


Fluorite crystals are useful in developing psychic vision and intuition because they protect against negativity. Fluorite can be used as a shield by psychics who need to shield themselves from negative energies that may interfere with their work or upset their body’s energy field. It is also believed that fluorite can provide guidance during past-life recall.


Hematite helps stimulate the third eye chakra, which activates latent intuitive powers so you can become more attuned to the forces of nature around you, empathizing with others feelings, thoughts and emotions; and it helps you to clearly bring your intuition and creativity.


Kunzite is a member of the stone family; its crystals are used for increasing the quality of life, happiness and abundance. Kunzite can be used as an aid in meditation and visualization, helping increase psychic abilities such as clairvoyance and clairsentience. It can also stimulate the heart chakra which stimulates love-related emotions, giving emotional balance that encourages forgiveness from those around you. It is also believed that kunzite crystals have been helpful in treating disorders of the heart valves, blood vessels and skin.


Moonstones are gemstones known to be connected with protecting one’s chastity, fertility, childbirth and women in general. Moonstones are known to enhance intuition, promote inspiration and stimulate psychic abilities when used for meditation. They can be used to attract new love into your life or to strengthen a dying relationship.


Sodalite is one of the primary crystals that can bring you closer to spiritual enlightenment by helping to clear away any mental confusion, stress or anxiety. It balances mood swings and enhances logic. Sodalite brings wisdom during times of inner conflict, making it easier for you find solutions that are both practical and spiritually sound. It also strengthens your ability to see truth from untruths which will allow you approach issues with calmness instead of fear.

Tourmalinated Quartz

Tourmalinated quartz is known to be a protective stone that can shield its owners from negative psychic energies. It is also believed to help release all forms of fear, replacing it with love and positive energy.


Turquoise crystals are gemstones that increase the power of your intuition and enhance your communication skills so that you can express yourself more clearly through verbal and written communication. Turquoise also increases patience and allows you to see situations in a more objective light, making it easier for you reconcile any disputes between others.


Zircon crystals are gemstones known best for enhancing the natural healing properties of other stones such as amethyst, citrine or topaz which makes them an excellent choice for jewelry-making purposes. They also stimulate the solar plexus chakra making it easier to live a spiritual lifestyle allowing you to follow your intuitive feelings which will help you make important life decisions. You can also use zircon crystals as meditation tools to bring you closer to spiritual enlightenment.

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